Wednesday, April 29, 2009

As Promised: The Fairy House

Anna goes out every morning these days to check for eggs in the henhouse and fairies in the fairy house. No kiddin'.

Here's Anna's baby, with room, she tells me "for about a thousand fairies." She built her fairy house when the weather first started to clear this spring. Then William knocked it down. Durn that little brother! But Gabey's a good architect; he rebuilt the brick part and everyone pitched in to reshingle it with bark.

Now it's all ready for guests.

(shshshs... A secret door...)

Double decker fairy bunks with fresh grass mattresses .

The dining room, complete with rock stools and a little rock bowl of juniper berries.Anna, putting a lady bug in because "fairies have lady bugs for pets, you know."
If you were a fairy, wouldn't you move in?


Blessings each day said...

Ooooh, I just love it, love Heaven there will be sweet little fairy houses and maybe Anna and I can play with them and in them! It is soooo beautiful, please tell her thank you for sharing it with us (and give her a big smooch too).



Linda Higgins said...

absolutely adorable! I have a grandson "Owen" so much like my son, that has a make believe friend, Owen is 3...his friends name is Journey. He lives on the front porch. He has only been in the house once, when he was introduced to us when visiting. Even Ryan (older brother who is 6) and autistic, refers to Journey all the time. It is so much fun. My son had a friend named "Tootsie Marrow" I think it was because I would tell him, no I can't today but will tomorrow. I was a young, very young mother! (sigh)

MightyMom said...

now THAT'S adorable!! too much fun.

GrandmaK said...

What a delight! She has a magnificent imagination! God bless her! Cathy

Bia said...

oh, i want a fairy house . . . that is the most imaginative thing!

on second thought . . . can i come LIVE in the fairy house!

have a magica day!

Kim H. said...

How wonderfully adorable!!! TV -- who needs to when you've got your imagination!

And if I were a fairy, I'd surely come check out Anna's sweet pad.


Kaila said...

I LOVE the fairy house! My younger siblings made a couple smaller ones.