Monday, April 20, 2009

Something to see...

Check out this movie, about home schoolers, produced by home schoolers!

It won Best of Festival this year at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival and is open now in ninety-four theaters throughout the country, including here in Colorado at Chapel Hills in Colorado Springs and at the Carmike 10 in Fort Collins.

Definitely a movie that not only deserves our patronage, but demands our support!
It's so important that our entertainment dollars support wholesome movies and do not support the bad ones. It's the only way we'll ever get more decent movies to watch.
Oh, for the days when our priests warned us against attending the handful of notorious movies the studios dared to produce each season. Remember the Catholic "black list?" There are so many objectionable movies now, it'd be impossible to have a list. And now our priests recommend to us the one or two good movies that are permissible to see. Sad. Especially since we're big movie fans at our house. There are so few films I can recommend wholeheartedly. It's a battle around here to steer our children away from the popular flicks, but how can I blame them for being interested, when I'm drawn in by the trailers as much as they are? But, aside from the immodesty and foul language, most movies today take for granted worldliness and blatant immorality that must make Heaven shudder. How many movies can you think of, even in the children's genre, that don't include broken families, for instance?
It's a struggle to convince our grown children how important our example is, not only in the physical act of walking into a questionable movie, but in the tangible message our dollars send to the movie studios. And, though I know they sometimes see movies I would flick their ears for, I hope they've learned to recognize before-hand and avoid those that are truly occasions of sin. There's enough temptation in the real world without borrowing trouble from a make-believe world.
If you haven't seen it yet, make sure and take a look at the Vatican Movie List!
And here are a few of the more recent movies we can recommend without reservations:
I am David (A touching tale of WWII, starring Jim Caviezel)
Wall*e (Gotta love Pixar)
Inkheart (Fun, clean, fantasy adventure)
Adventure at the Center of the Earth (Another Brendan Fraser film that the kids loved)
Valkyrie (True, inspiring story of a Catholic hero in WWII Germany)
Kung Fu Panda (not my taste, but clean and harmless)
Nim's Island (Clean, fun adventure)
Horton Hears a Who (Love this one for it's underlying pro-life message, especially)
The Water Horse (One of my personal favorites ~ a fantasy tale about the Loch Ness Monster)
Ratatouille (Another fun Pixar)
Miss Potter (One of my all time favorite movies, a biography of Peter Rabbit's "Mom")
There are probably some I've missed... We check out the content of anything we view at Screenit, but there may be many movies out there that are perfectly fine which just don't get on our radar. Let us know any good ones we missed!
Oh! And here are two films we are dying to be released:
The Dawn Treader (This is the favorite Narnia chronicle of many of us here, scheduled to be released December, '10)
The Hobbit movies (How could this not thrill us? They're due to be out in 2011 and 2012)

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Laura said...

I went to read the Legion of Decency list and saw 3 movies on it that totally creep me out to this day.
Rosemary's Baby
Clockwork Orange

Nightmare movies.