Thursday, June 19, 2008

Where's Paul-do?

Just spotted this picture posted today on the OCS website.
The guys look a little funny in their reverse tonsures, don't they? But I sure wouldn't tell them I thought so...
Family: Can you spot Paul?? Go here to see if you're right.


Soutenus said...

My "adopted" son begins his basic training with the Marines at the end of this summer. I am following Paul's journey with a special (selfish, I guess) interest :-)
It just feels so much closer to home.

Bia said...

I actually spotted him. My father is retired military, and when I was three he went to OCS . . . one of the older guys since he was in his late twenties.

It was a grueling time (my mom tells us that the two times she got to see him he looked so gaunt and his knees were so swollen) but he graduated and had a great military career.

Kudos to Paul!

GrandmaK said...

Nothing like the military...Was the wife of a 1st Lt. in the Corp of Engineers for 3 1/2 years...It's a whole different world. God bless him and keep him! Cathy