Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Keeping Track of Keepin 'Em Busy

One thing that is absolutely essential in our home is a white board. They're fairly inexpensive, even the largest ones, highly visible, easy to use and update, and lots of fun.

We organize ours like so: Our Prayer list is on the left, our ever-important To Do list is in the middle, our Grocery List is on the top right, and on the bottom right, I've added a To Do list for our Littles...
TONS of Summer ideas
for kids!

Since they don't really understand the concept of a calendar yet (my 5 and under crowd), and can't read yet, we've got a picture box of what they can expect, day by day. Today, for instance, it's cloudy, rainy, and chilly here, so I've drawn simple pictures of crayons, a coloring book, and play dough. If it's nice tomorrow, I may draw water play toys or sidewalk chalk. Our youngest isn't going to quite understand this yet, but it does start to train the little ones about planning and charts. And, theoretically, it will prevent a little of the begging to do things I'm not prepared to have them do on a given day.

Check List for Keeping Big Kids Busy
Make sure to plan get-togethers

1) Picnics in the park !

These taken at our annual Homeschooling Field Day last Sunday.

(A FUN time was had by all!)

2) Game Nights!

3) Work Parties!

("Parties?!" they say...)
Jon and Dominic trimming trees. (This limb fell in the middle of my lilacs!)

Paul and company working on the boiler room he and the boys are building for the central heat that we will be installing later this summer (Yes, you read that right. We currently have no central heat in this house!)

4) Time to Do... Nothin!

That's what being a kid in the summer is all about. Downtime is very important!


Joyful Days said...

Great post! I love the white board idea--I really need to have a second one.

And you are so right about downtime.

Heart of Wisdom said...

I love your white board idea. And the pics for helping the little ones understand. Thanks for posting.

Jacquelyn: Because I Said So! said...

Wow! Your family can function like a work crew! Gotta love that. The white board is an excellent idea.We currently write all over our cupboards with washable crayon, but many lists, phone numbers, notes etc. have become works of "art" that cannot be erased, so I might invest in the white board. Thanks for the inspiration!

I'm #222 on WFMW, and at the end of the post you can win a stamping kit!

Memarie Lane said...

We pretty much stick to #4 around here. :P

Laura said...

OH my you know how special it is to see your white board with "Laura's brother" on it? I am assuming it is my brother...(if not- egg on my face)
But how sweet and heartwarming to see such an unexpected sight. I cannot wait to tell my sister in law about this amazing family in Colorado praying for her husband (my brother.) Awesome.

Jamie said...

Good ideas! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today!

Soutenus said...

We use a slate blackboard (that I used when I was a kid!)
There is something really cool about using the blackboard that my Mom used to help our family stay organized.
I loved the post and all the pictures.
Speaking of pictures . . . Any suggestions on a camera? Right now my camera is my phone and I am sure hoping to upgrade at some point fairly soon!! Your pictures always look great.

Lisa said...

Joyful Days, Heart of Wisdom, Jacquelyn, Jamie ~ Thanks! The white board really does work for us; I'm glad you like the idea! &:o)

Peggy ~ We used to have both a white board and a chalk board ~ but I just love that yours is a special family "heirloom" too! I love my camera, actually. It's a Kodak Easy Share ` and it really is easy to use. Not very fast, but it does take nice pictures and videos!

Marie ~ #4 is our favorite, I think... &:o) Everybody hates #3!

Laura ~ As soon as you mentioned about your brother's deployment, I thought of how I would feel having a brother over there. And, too, my oldest may be signing on as a Marine Officer here soon ~ and who knows where he'll end up. So, anyway, your brother had to go up on the board. I started out actually a little worried that people would see their names on the prayer list, and had considered zooming out so it wouldn't be legible, but then I thought if it were me, I think I'd like to know I was on somebody's "list," ya know? &:o) Praying Michael stays out of harm's way!

SuzyQ said...

I so agree with you about the downtime thing. Life seems to be so overly structured these days. Children learn so much by just being kids and playing.
And I love the pictures.
Thanks for sharing a slice of your life:)