Sunday, June 29, 2008

There truly is a niche out there for everybody...

Witness Troy Landwehr, an artist (specifically a sculptor) and food lover (specifically a cheese lover), turned Cheese-It PR guy. This Wisconsinite (You knew he was from Wisconsin, didn't you?) actually turns out cheese scuptures for a wide variety of interests, though. It's amazing how busy this unusual talent has kept him. He started carving cheese when he was 12 years old and has carved everything from Remy, everyone's favorite rat from Ratatouille to...

...his latest work of art , his most ambitious attempt so far, which is on its way to DC right now to be displayed on the 4th. You want to know what he's tackled this time? Of course you do! You must be dying to know!
It's a 2000 lbs chunk of cheddar ~ carved to depict John Trumbull's painting "Declaration of Independence." Watch Good Morning America Thursday to check it out. To learn more about Troy and his work, zip over here .

Why can't I come up with a marketable talent like this, I ask you?
How 'bout:
*A book: 101 uses for not-quite-bad-yet leftovers?
*Or how 'bout this one: 101 ways to convince a 2 year old to stay in bed during naptime?
*Lost-sock bunnies stuffed with drier lint?
*Reams of Penmanship papers and drawings of flowers and big-headed people with very long fingers recycled into modern art?
*Or I could maybe discover a way to earn royalties on the phrase: "Is it snacktime yet?"

Any other ideas? I'm open to suggestions...


Laura said...

Well, by golly, since I'm only a few stops away from the Cheese Art...I am going to see if I can take in a viewing.
I mean...who could pass THIS up?

Soutenus said...

Ya know, I was carving some bad spots out of our jack cheese today. . . .

I am trying to imagine this guy cutting, chipping or slicing away at a HUGE block . . . and turning it into art. My imagination fails me. If I hadn't seen the photo you included with your post, I would be at a complete loss!

One of those things that makes you go, "Hmmmmm?"