Friday, June 20, 2008

Discretionary Spending

AKA: Stuff I wish I had money to waste on.

(A partial list)

This super-duper, amazing cupcake pan, exclusively from Williams Sonoma makes this humongous cupcake (below). Isn't it the cutest? That $35, spread out over several cakes would balance out to almost nothing. Sure it would!

But then there's this, not so much cute as useful...
A pirate's journal! Isn't that fun? I already have tons of journals ~ a stack, actually, under my bedside table, ranging in purpose from prayer and poetry collections, to day journals, to grocery lists. All in $3 notebooks. But this one is so delightfully unexpected! Isn't that worth $7 more? Wouldn't it be perfect to jot your most secret thoughts in? You could put a drastic warning with skull and cross bones on the front page to ward off snoops. Or, alternatively, if I can't have it, it would be a great gift for a young boy ~ or an older boy...

But, then, the following is something semi-frilly and feminine, but useful.

I love this little birdbath. Isn't it sweet? It's actually 50% off right now at Victorian Trading Co, but still hard to justify, when you realize that, even at the discount, it costs about the same to fill my minivan with gas right now.

But, this Dead Fred pen holder is only $9.99!

And these Dueling Galactic Marines Copters are only $39.99.

All things are relative... Maybe I could justify these guys. If I give them to someone else for Christmas or something.

But this. THIS is what I really want. We saw some of these at the park the other day. They rent them out at $25 an hour. Like, right. Might as well save up my money and buy one! They're only $2, 399 ~ on sale right now! (But wouldn't it be fun??)

My birthday is in September, honey...

(But don't worry; I'm not getting my hopes up.)


SuzyQ said...

That giant cupcake is so cool!
Whoever came up with that is a genius in my book!
I do love cupcakes:)

Bia said...

Okay, I hate to burst your bubble, but our family did rent one of those bicycles last year in Florida and the are HARD to pedal! In fact, once we got going (and especially if we were going slightly downhill) my husband REFUSED to stop for anything because it was so hard to start up again. So ducks and, yes, even people had to run to get out of our way. We even took corners on two wheels: "Hang on! We're turning left and I'm not slowing down!"). It's a wonder they didn't revoke our bike license.

Then again, maybe we had so much problem peddling because we were laughing so hard . . . and because we were loaded down: me, my husband, our two older sons, my parents, and our toddler perched on the seat in front.