Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Thank-you, dear Lord, for my son, Jon. 
I miss him so much now that he is gone.
But, You were so good to have given him
A sweet understanding of his mother's whims,
And a heart so kind, so generous, so big
That he conspired to buy me this flying pig:

Did you notice the pig, Lord?
A silly thing, for sure --
But, it's the giver not the gift I'm thanking You for.
See Your good work,  Lord?
My son, Jonathan Charles, a prince among men --
He's handsome, he's charming -- he even calls home now and then!

But the thing I love about Jon the most
Is that I'm sure he won't mind
(Or at least he'd be resigned)
 That we decided to name the pig
                                                    Juan Carlos.

After him.
                          On a whim.

Not  bcause he reminds us of Jon.
But as a whimsical thing to remember him by --
Because pigs can't fly
But Jon's such a nice guy.
Who loves his Mom.
Even though her poem stinks.
And who understands his Mom
When she misses the boat on things
Because she's waiting at the airport for the pigs with wings.

Jonathan Charles, son number three

Dearest Lord, thank-you for this young man,
Who also waits for them to land.

Juan Carlos, the yard-art flying pig

Because we never get tired of dreaming the impossible dream.

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