Saturday, August 13, 2011


Bags packed
 --  Everything Michelle owns * Check
      + the schoolwork for English Lit and Biology that she did over the summer * Check
 --  Enough clothes and shoes for me for a week * Check
 --  Toothbrushes * Check
 --  All other toiletries including hair clips and curling iron (which we girls use to "uncurl") * Check
 -- Missals and chapel veils and reading material * Check

Missives collected to deliver
 -- The notebook Fr. G. left at our chapel a couple weeks ago * Check
 -- Gifts of extra administrative binders from the Sisters at our school to the Sisters at Michelle's school * Check
 -- Kevin's suit coat that Dan accidentally picked up thinking it was his * Check
 -- Several donated computers and printers that Kevin wants to go through to see if they're any better than the ones he's got  * Check
 -- Two bushels of sweet corn for my brothers in Denver * Will pick up on the way
 -- A bushel of Palisade peaches to split up between my Mom and sisters * Will pick up on the way
 -- Hugs and kisses from everyone to be doled out to everyone we meet on the way * Check

Prayers said before leaving
 --  Mass and reception of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrment * Check
 -- Confession * check
 -- Seven-day candle lit * check
 -- Blessing from Father B. * check

We are READY to GO!

On our way to Omaha this morning, Michelle and I.  Her first day of school is August 17th, so we hope to get there by Monday, in time for Mass in Omaha on Monday, the Feast of the Assumption.  Then Shell and I will get her settled in at the Boarder House, and hang around drinking Starbux and enjoying a lack of a schedule until Wednesday -- at which time, I will scrounge around Omaha looking for my son, Jon, whom I will then hijack from all his friends for a couple of days. ;0)  (Look out, Jon!)  Then, I'm on my way home, via Denver, where I get to spend a couple days hanging around with my siblings, and my parents, and my son, Kevvy (whom I hope to go hiking Boulder Falls with next Saturday...).  So, until, next week sometime!:  Toodaloo and many blessings! 

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GrandmaK said...

God Speed!!! Will be thinkin' 'bout ya!! Cathy