Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fisherman's Feast

If you've already been by and wondered ---  I'm still on vacation in Omaha with a few of the grown-up (sorta) kids and only had a brief chance to get online (at the public computer at the hospital where Jon works) to check my e-mail, etc.  I was as surprised as you may have been to pop into my blog and find the above link -- all by itself, with no explanation...  And, well, I have to tell ya, I have no idea, really, why I posted this.  I think I must have done it some months ago, probably after stumbling upon this event in my wanderings.  I may have had some idea to incorporate it into a larger post, but, uh...  I have no idea now what that might have been about.  (gglggl)  But I do love fish.  And, being Catholic, fish has a special meaning in my life -- particularly on Fridays...  So, well -- If you're in the Boston area, go have some lovely fresh fish for me tomorrow! 

I'll be here in Nebraska for a couple more days, getting the kids here set up with chiropractor appointments and otherwise settled in.  Then, I plan to spend a couple days with family in Denver and will be back early next week to get the Littles ready for their first day back to school next Wednesday.  :0)  I'll check back in after that!

God bless!  And Happy Fisherman's Feast days I guess!

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