Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My son, the lawyer

Upon being the first two up Tuesday morning, after Michelle babysat the night before:

Me: So were you a good boy?

William:  You know how on Sunday Mass one time, Father said nobody's perfect.?

Me:  So, but, William...  Were you good?

William:  Well, you know, the devil gets grown-ups, too, sometimes -- even grownups like you.

Me:  You had some troubles, then, huh?

William:  People sometimes try real hard to be good... but nobody's perfect.

Me:  William.

William:  Yes, Mommy?

Me:  How not perfect were you?

WilliamPretty close to it.

Me: Huh?


GrandmaK said...

Love it!! I'm all miles but you know' have to tell William that! ;) Cathy

Natalie said...

Great! I'm laughing out loud on that one. =)

Linda Higgins said...

that is the best converstaion of all time! what a sweet boy...nearly perfect!