Tuesday, October 19, 2010

School Photos

I don't know about you, but I'm usually a little underwhelmed by school photos.  The traditional poses are, well... traditional, and therefore sweet in a reminiscent sort of way, but half the time the children's smiles are forced, their hair is more often than not left uncombed, and the backgrounds are canned.  As homeschoolers, we've missed out on the annual autumn routine of picture day. And I've been alright with that. Once or twice we've sprung for photos offered  through our parish and, nowadays, our teenagers have theirs taken at Catholic boarding school, but, I have to say that I'm not heart broken that our homeschooling ways have prevented the traditional parade of school photos to document the years.  We've made up with an inordinate amount of computer space devoted to the bazillion photos I've taken of the kids going about life as usual.  I have not missed the mugs.

But...  I have to say I've been thrilled with the way the children's new school does its photos.  One of the mothers who is a part-time teacher at the school is also a talented photographer.  One day a couple weeks ago, she came in and took all of the children's pictures, some with traditional sold blue backgrounds, some taken around the school property and in the grotto near our church.  A wonderful, patient woman who knows all the children well, she worked with the kids to coax out their best smiles and made sure their hair was combed and their postures good. Then, after only a week, she had all the pictures filed on her computer, arranged by family, and we were able to buy a disc containing them all, some in black and white, many in color - and it cost us less than $30 -- for more than 140 pictures!  All good pictures.  Now, I have the option of printing out the ones I want, as many as I want, in the sizes I want on my own computer or professionally.  I cannot imagine a better way of doing this.  My, how I love technology!  And our friend, KJ, who did such a wonderful job as photographer -- holy cow -- she just rocks! 

You know you'll be seeing some of these pictures, right? 
Here are some of the black and white to start with:

Theresa (11)

Gabe (6)

Anna (7)

And here's my Kindergarten school picture.
(Kindygarteners didn't have to wear uniforms...)
Looks just a little like someone else pictured here, huh?


GrandmaK said...

I'd say, judging from YOUR kindergarten pic, thy can all pretty much clam you as their mother!!! LOVE IT!!! Cathy

Cheryle said...

Cute pics!
Any good school photographer (ahem-you know two lol) makes sure hair is combed, faces clean, smile natural, necklace clasps to the back, etc, etc, etc.
We had someone from our parish do ours too. I haven't seen them yet so am reserving judgement :)

MightyMom said...

cute pics!

actually all my kids' pics have turned out fabulous! I don't know what they do at school but the pics are much better than what I get outta them! (ie, they actually LOOK at the camera and SMILE. go figure!)