Monday, October 11, 2010

Filed Under: Oh, My Goodness Sakes!

I'd say we're pretty happy.
But I'd be happier if I could still get ahold of some Chubbettes.
Check out that cute dress!

Howcome they don't make Chubbettes anymore? 
I need me some Chubbettes.

(Anyone else think these girls don't look very chubby, though?  To this day Lane Bryant catalogues feature skinny girls modeling chubbette clothes.  What's with that?)


GrandmaK said...

Indeed, they don't look very chubby...Could be a bit of false advertising. Maybe that's why they are no longer around. Didn't live up the ads! Wishing you a glorious fall day in those beautiful Rockies! Cathy

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog. I couldn't resist commenting on this subject since it is so close to home. I am a former, tall employee of Lane Bryant 5th Ave,NYC,N.Y. I remember when Lane Bryant changed from Chubbettes,Talls,etc. to Womans Large Clothes. It effected me personally since I still don't have anywhere quite like LB to shop for clothes. Actually, I don't have many
clothes. It was a luxury of long ago that tall woman could actually go into a store and try on tall clothes at a reasonable price and buy them. No one picked up the line. The original founders "mission" were to the odd sizes. Lane Bryant saw the trend in womans sizes getting larger and decided to completely go for it. The "money" was there.

MightyMom said...

But did you see the articles about the plus size fashion show in NYC?? Using honest plus size models? Just wait it's coming.