Sunday, October 3, 2010

Simple Woman Monday, October 4th

Outside my window...  It's pitch black.  I woke up at 5 am and couldn't get back to sleep this morning, so decided to just get up. (May pay for this later...

I am thinking...  I shouldn't have had all those wings yesterday afternoon.  Or that brie last night.  I gotta get back on my diet today.  (Gee whiz, I hate dieting.  Whycouldn't I have kept the metabolism I had when I was a kid?)

I am hearing...  nothing but the sound of the occasional car going by outside.  Not even the sound of snoring from the children's rooms is making it up here from the back of the house.

I am wearing...  teal blue striped pj capris and matching teal tee. (I'm chilly, tho', and think I may go grab a bathrobe or sweater here in a minute).

I am hoping...  that Dan makes it home from Denver on Wednesday to be here for Cathy's birthday.  But, then, again, I hope he can't make it home, as it means he's having a successful week of business-building.

From the kitchen...  We finally found some canned pumpkin!  Woohoo! Now it's really autumn!  We had to go clear to Grand Junction (an hour away) to get it, though.  Sam's had some.  We cracked open a can last night and made our first batch of pumpkin spice lattes .  Yum!
From our weekend... We got to spend the day at an olde-time, retro-wonderful small town apple festival yesterday in Cedaredge, Colorado, and had a neato-mosquito time.  There was a great bluegrass strings band playing on the bandstand while we ate our picnic under the 100-year elms.  There were a bazillion vendors with some of the most tempting things to buy.  The girls and I were oohing and ahing at several booths with the cutest skirts you ever saw.  And, oh my goodness, the food!  Funnel cakes, carmel apples (galore!), lemonade, and one booth in particular with the most scrumptious smelling Barbecue...  But, we brought our own food, window shopped the booths, listened to the free music, and came away having spent only ten dollars for the Littles to play in one of those big balloon things.  (You kow those bouncing things) Not that we don't want to support our local town festivals, but we have even more interest in preserving our bank account until Dan's business starts actually making money...

Around the house... Since we got rid of our tv feed and our satellite connection isn't secure enough to stream Netflix movies (dang it), our chief entertainment is what we have in our own movie library.  We get a lot of mileage out of re-watching old favorites, but it's great fun adding to the mix every once in a while.  So, I got on the internet a couple of weeks ago, hunting out inexpensive but fun oldies.  This is what I found (and see if you can catch a theme here...): Arsenic and Old Lace, Rebecca, Hold That Ghost, and the old horror classic we chose to watch last night: The Beast With Five Fingers.  Have you ever seen this one?  It's really very tame by modern horror movie standards and the special effects are not gory or particularly realistic, but there are definitely some creepy moments...

For instance, when the disembodied hand showed up last night and started skittering around on the floor (the movie set floor I mean), William snuggled in closer to his sisters and covered his eyes.  And being a conscientious mother, of course I asked him if this movie was too scary, and "would he rather go in my room and watch a cartoon?" 

Bu our William, he's quite the brave little man.
He said, "No,  I'll just watch it with one eye."
(Looks like Cathy needed to watch it with one eye, too...)

Another picture I'd like to share.. 

                                                                         True Love

You see, our daughter-in-law, Nicole (due in mid-December) can't reach her toes anymore.
She sent me this photo from her phone and said I could share it.  Hasn't she got a sweet husband?  And the best kind of Marine who can do what he does all day long in his he-man world and know that the best part of manhood is being able to share this exact kind of tenderness.  Good job, Paul. 

** The log for the Simple Woman Daybooks can be found here. 


GrandmaK said...

Looks like a grand time was had by all!!! Wishing you a grand week! Cathy

houseofestrogen said...

I hear you on the metabolism!

Love the manicure picture!! Definitely a wonderful husband!

Natalie said...

Haha! I love Aresenic and Old Lace. I haven't seen that movie in so long, but I may have to try and find it now =)

MightyMom said...

Uh you know Netflix delivers right?