Monday, October 12, 2009

The Wedding

Part I

How the Young Men Got Ready:

The day of the wedding dawned cold and frosty. All the boys in the house (and I) rose early to attend Mass. The roads were extremely icy, though, so only half made it to the church on time for Holy Communion. But, we were just glad to have made it in at all. Accidents lined the roadways everywhere, and there was apparently a fifty car pile up south of town! We all said enough prayers on the way in, I think, that it may have come close to making up for missing Mass. Thankfully, everyone arrived safely, and the roads cleared up before early afternoon -- in time for everyone to arrive safely for the 4 pm ceremony.
Upon arriving, the boys all gathered to exchange slippery road stories and jokes in the vestibule:

Here's the groom. I know I'm biased because I'm his mom, but isn't he so handsome?
Gosh. Aren't they all? How did they get so tall?

After a little reconnoitering, I got to go out with my sons and three of our good friends to breakfast down the road.
(After breakfast, I finished the brides' and bridesmaids' bouquets and helped get the church decorated and the children's clothes arranged before they arrived with Dan to be dressed. We thought it was wise not to bring all the Littles to the church too early on...)
L-R: Kevin, Carlos, and Paul

L-R: Jon, Justin, and Chris

L-R: Dominic and Kevin (again)
Our boys, already in their tuxes a couple hours early, plus Tim (in the blue shirt) and Justin (I think) practicing in the choir loft. (Carlos is likely at the organ just out of this shot.)

Groomsman, Ryan, helping Paul with his pesky buttonier, while all the groomsmen, Grandpa (far right) and Dad (not shown) share some beer in the church kitchen a half hour or so before the wedding. (I got this picture while ducking in to grab pins for the girls. Dan gave me a taste of his "cherry wheat" beer, and I was promptly shooed out...)
""I have to wear this? Can't I give it to someone instead?"
Ushers Extraordinaire, Ben and Ed, setting out the runner.
The groom.

Next Installment: How the Young Women Got Ready...


Bia said...

yeah! i have been waiting for photos, etc.

your boys are all handsome.

Sarah - Kala said...

Wonderful. I love weddings and these before shots are fantastic!

Charlotte (Matilda) said...

Oh my goodness! It better not take you too long to post the next parts. I am already on the verge of tears!

Linda Higgins said...

OHHHH how are going to keep us all in suspense by posting a little at a time! I am being a little selfish...and wanted it ALL! :)

GrandmaK said...

Oh my goodness how grand! What a wonderful day! Looking forward to the next installment!!! Cathy

Anonymous said...

they are all so handsome! great photos!

Mama to much! said...

so beautiful so far, can't wait to see more. So is this Our Lady of Snows?

Blessings each day said...

Loving every minute and they ARE all handsome!

blessings and hugs,


Cheryle said...

I don't know why but the one of Paul, sitting alone, made me cry :)
Jess went to Mass Sunday and was sad to have missed talking to a fellow Devil Dog and congratulating him. Please pass it along :) Thanks!