Saturday, October 3, 2009

Feast of St Therese the Little Flower

O Little Flower of Jesus, ever consoling troubled souls with heavenly graces, in your unfailing intercession I place my trust. From the Heart of Our Blessed Savior petition these blessing of which I stand in greatest need (mention here). Shower upon me your promised roses of virtue and grace, dear St. Therese, so that swiftly advancing in sanctity and in perfect love of neighbor, I may someday receive the crown of eternal life. Amen.

Happy Nameday, Theresa Philomena!


Blessings each day said...

Didn't St Therese just have the sweetest face, so full of love?

Since I can't comment on yesterday's post or least, you might not see it if I did, I will do so now.

It is too wonderful when you do your Quick Takes as they are so informative.

Thank you so so much for the Teapot performance...funny, I never think of any child performing/singing any song as being effeminate unless maybe he was 16 yrs. old or older.

Your children are all adorable, Lisa and seeing them in action is a real treat!

blessings and hugs,


GrandmaK said...

In deed, Happy Namesake Day, Theresa.

I missed your quick 7 yesterday but you really have been busy!!! Know how excited you are about the wedding in two weeks...Our Jimmy and Kelly will be married in two short months. He is the last of our five to marry. We too are excited. Smiling and oh so happy for you all!! Cathy

MightyMom said...