Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just a Quick Note...

Our computer has been down for the last few days, and Dan has been out of town at a conference -- so we girls have been suffering from computer withdrawal. The only thing apparently wrong was that the 'puter couldn't find the provider. We tried explaining it with directions and hand signals, pig latin and broken Spanish, but we couldn't make the way clear enough, it would seem. Nothing we did would bring up the internet. But, bless him, Mr. Fix-it, upon arriving home from the airport tonight, got right on it and had the ailing machine working in a jiffy. (Go figure that.)

Also... If you happened by and ran into a really, really long list of Stephen Wright quotations, please don't think I've lost my mind. I "saved" that list a long time ago by posting it so far ahead, I thought it would just hang at the top of my "to be published" list and never really get posted. It wasn't my intention to ever post the whole thing, actually. I just wanted the list at my fingertips, should I ever decide I needed a Stephen Wright quotation -- at the spur of the moment... Anyway. It's safely tucked away again. You never know, though. Bits of it might actually find their way to the surface again.

Gotta go now. Michelle is pacing back and forth behind me waiting to use the computer for a school project. Heaven knows I can't be an obstacle to that! I'll be back soon, though, with some more wedding pictures, etc.

Missed Y'all!
Glad to have the computer working again!


Sheila said...

Personally, I really enjoyed the Stephen Wright quotes. :) I think I read them a couple of times! Enjoy your renewed internet access!

MightyMom said... THAT'S what happened!