Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday (almost)

Bella and Beatrice

Having Stella, the milk goat benefits everyone on the farm. The dogs and cats love getting the leftovers of her milk. In fact there's a bit of competition to see who can get to the milk bowl first amongst the dogs. Beatrice,the kitten, though, gets a free pass. Even though the dogs fuss a little with one another, not one of them bothers the kitty. She gets to drink her fill of the milk first, then the dogs get their turn. Isn't that an amazing instinct? I wish it were as true with people. The littlest among us should get that same instinctual protection -- and all the good milk they want. As a matter of course.

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Blessings each day said...

This is too cute for words, but I'm SO glad you gave them anyway. The expressions on the animal's faces is priceless...I can just imagine Bella saying "Okay, squirt, let's get the show on the road, don't dawdle!" And the kitten replies "I'm cute, I'm little and I can dawdle."

blessings and hugs,


Diana said...

Marcy took the words right out of my mouth, This picture was just too cute! Animals are so sweet!

Natalie said...

The picture is so cute! I love animals. I'm still working on the okay from my husband for a cat. Maybe next year?

Linda Higgins said...

Lisa, totally cute! I love how kitty is perched on the edge of the bowl! Her little paws are probably in the milk so she doesn't fall in! Then licked cute!

GrandmaK said...

Bless the kitty's little heart!!! Seems to be hung up high center. Delightful!!! Cathy

MightyMom said...

love it!