Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Proppin myself up here for a minute...

To let you know where I've been. In short, I've been sick-a-bed. Four of the eleven of us have been sick, but, lucky me, I got it the worst. I've been basically flat on my back for a week -- and I never get sick. I really don't. I always figured it was an "out" I got because someone had to take care of all the other sickies. Not this time, though. Every morning I got up and showered and tried to make it be a normal day; I thought I could will myself to be well. I even posted through the week last week, rotten as I felt. But, by nine or ten o'clock most days, I was uselessly sick. So, when I was not better by Friday, Dan called and made me a Doc appointment for monday. And Monday I found out why I've felt so terrible.

We seem to have picked up a case of swine flu (h1n1). I haven't got a clue where we got it. It's not like we get out that much. I mean except for boys' camps and girls' camps and Church activities, and none of those have occured within the incubation time for infection -- and we haven't heard of anyone else being sick. Not like it matters, really, but one wonders where we got it...
Anyway, now we're waiting to see who comes up with it next... Maybe nobody will. I sure hope not. Boys' Camp is next week. Of the four who are going, Dominic's had a case and is over it, and Dan, Jon and Kevin all think they've already had a very light case -- and I hope they're right. But, if they haven't had it by Sunday, Jon and Kevin will likely be outside the incubation zone, since they've been in Nebraska all week. I don't know if I can tell the boys not to go to camp because they might possibly have a chance of carrying it with them. Especially if they're all feeling fine and dandy. And since we don't know where we got it, and it may be carried up there anyway. Would you send your kids? I think they might have to have a papal bull to keep them home, but I'm feeling a little guilty and worried about it. What do you think?

Anyway... I'll try to come in later on and navigate around. But, I'm tired, so I can't promise much blooging. The doc said don't expect days to recover; expect weeks. Goody. She doesn't know the incentive of a laundry room full of really smelly, dirty clothes. And the motivation of children running around out in the mosquito convention in our back yard without bug spray. And the necessity of groceries taken down to the cellar storage room, and left in bags all over the floor. And the need of a garden in need of real tending. And the frustration of a mommy ready to get things back in order...

I'll be back to check in when I can, friends. Stay well, everyone!


GrandmaK said...

Know I am praying for all of you!!! And I am so sorry you have been soooo sick...Take care and let them wait on you!!!!! Cathy

SQUELLY said...

You and all the family are in my prayers Lisa! I really hope you are feeling better very soon

Kim H. said...

Oh Lisa -- that just bites!!! I'm so, so sorry! The rest will be there -- and even though it may feel as if the house is going to fall down around you, it won't.

When this is all over and done with everyone will pitch in and work together. For now, you need to REST, REST, REST! This from the woman than spent three months battling pneumonia and mono. It'll all be okay -- and know I'm praying for speedy recoveries!

Hugs, honey!

Kim H. said...

Oh, and please, please, please tell me you didn't have to have that God-awful nasal flu swab????

I about hit the technician the first one I had. Then I had to have a second one about a month later. It was torture!

Blessings each day said...

I sure hope that you are feeling at least a little bit better RIGHT now, Lisa because I just bonked the living daylights out of my head and I offered it up for you!

Ironically, I was having such a persistent headache that I went in to the bathroom to take something for it and dropped a pill, bent to pick it up and stood up quickly only to collide with the sharp edge of the wooden cabinet!! Sad to say, I think some brain cells oozed out too and I can sorely (how appropriate is THAT word?) afford that loss.

Every day I have been checking over here to see if you posted (can't trust blogger to show it in my sidebar, for sure) and there was nothing, so finally I sent you a worried e-mail and behold, you posted as I came back and tried to knock my self unconscious!

Sorry to hear you've been battling the Swine flu...but go ahead and prove the doctor wrong and get over it in a day or so (please dear God!).

Wish I was there to help home made chicken soup has never failed to speed recoveries (I have a secret ingredient that I add...prayers)!

blessings and hugs,


Joannof10 said...

I will be keeping you and the kids in my is hard not knowing what to do about the camp---it is such a hard call to make!

God Bless,

Sarah said...

Prayers for you and yours.
I would send them and don't worry. Pray. Be prepared to go get them if they do get sick. have a back up plan ready.

In the mean time, get well soon.

Oh, can mosquitos transmit the flu? Just wondering.

Diana said...

Well Lisa, if I were there I would wear a mask and clean and make soup for all of you. Soup is the only thing I love to cook.
I would say if the boys go beyond the seven to ten day incubation period, send them to camp. If they're fine of coarse. Get well soon my dear. I will say a prayer for you!

Ann of Green Cables said...

Oh my dear, you have my sympathy and my prayers that you will get through this. As Moms we like to think we are invincible and it hits us hard when we find out we're not! Get all the rest you can. The housekeeping will get done and perhaps the other members of your family will step up and help....if only for their own survival! As others have said, Chicken soup (homemade if you can get it)and my old standby Ginger Tea. Peace and Love, Mar.

MightyMom said...

having the flu is no fun. and you never get over it quickly. (swine or other)

so, good luck to you. If you DON'T rest you WILL be sick longer than if you STAY PUT for several days and let your body work as God intended. If you REST and STAY IN BED....or on the couch...for SEVERAL days you will recover FASTER.

(did you HEAR me?)

as for the kids. no fever, no symptoms send em on with the thought that's one less kid for you to take care of while YOU'RE RECOUPERATING.

signed, Mightymom's alter ego...NinjaNurse.

Bia said...

i had a feeling something was going on...oh, i do hope you feel better soon.

rest and relax...laundry-shmandry.


Heather Jaracz said...

Get well soon. Hopefully, you guys will have a good resistance to the flus this winter!

Aussie Therese said...

prayers here and I hope you are feeling better soon.

Laura said...

Oh my....that is so stinko.
Prayers for a fast recovery.
Boo swine flu.

Diana said...

Hi Lisa,
Just checking back, hopeing you are doing a little better? Get well soon!

Cheryle said...

I'm sorry you're sick. Prayers you're on the upswing and nobody else gets it.
I say send the boys and tell them not to touch anyone lol
I'll start Daniel and Jess on some immune boosting stuff and tell them not to get too cozy with the Davis boys LOL J/K!

Kaila said...

I'll be praying for all of you. I hope you all feel better asap!