Tuesday, July 14, 2009


And the livin' ain't easy!

Sure, we've had a few occasions to lie in the sun and stare at our toes. We've gotten to the zoo and the museum and had a picnic and hike in the mountains. We've filled up the wading pool several times and spent some long mornings pulling weeds in the garden... But our easy livin' has been complicated by a lot of comings and goings!

Here's our basic calendar for the summer of '09:

June wasn't too bad.

+ The end of the first (or was it the second) week in June, Anna, Cathy and Theresa went to Girls' Camp in Eastern Colorado.

+ June 22nd through June 28th, Michelle, Dominic and Jon spent the week with mountain friends helping with the haying -- and goofing around with their friends.

July, however...

+ June 28th through July 6th, Theresa spent time fishing and playing her good friend's mountain cabin.

+ Michelle attended Girls' Camp in Omaha with her big girl friends July 5th through July 12th

and for the end of the month, we have planned:

+ July 19th through July 25th, the Priest's Meeting at the Omaha school, where Kevin and Jon will go to be available as servers at the many Masses offered by the many priests through the week.

+ My little brother gets married July 25th -- and we're still figuring out how we can go, because our big boys and Dan have all committed to being counselors at

+ Boys' Camp July 26th through August 1st.

+ The same week that Theresa was invited to go to Girls' Camp in Spokane, WA by our dear friends at the convent there.

Then, in August

+ the boys will be heading back to school on the weekend of the 15th. Dominic starts his junior year, Jon may be going to offer a year of service to the Church (we don't know where yet), and Kevin enters the seminary

+ But, the weekend of August 8th, Paul and Nicole are coming for a visit to do some loose end tying for the wedding in October.

I'm starting to get to that part of the summer where I long for the regular routine of the school year. Did you feel like that when you were I kid? I remember getting to the middle of July and longing for the busy-ness of the school year, the cool, smooth surface of my desk top, the smell of new books, the pleasure of a new box of crayons -- and freshly sharpened pencils. A kid didn't admit that she was having thoughts like that, though. I just plugged along, looking for shady places to play or new books to read. But by the middle of August, the heat and humidity pressed down into my brain. The summer games were getting stale, I missed my school friends, and was sick of my brothers and sisters. September couldn't come fast enough. I would even admit it by the end of August.

I'm not quite there yet now, though. But, I'm eyeing my homeschool catalogues and thinking about how my pumpkins are going to make some lovely pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread come fall. And when I think of that, I can almost smell the pumpkin pie spice and the smoke from chimneys. I long for the crisp, cool air of fall. And golden aspen leaves.

Almost 45 years old now and I still love the smell of new books and that new box of crayons -- and freshly sharpened pencils. I'm enjoying the variety and fun of the summer vacation, but I'm starting to long for the regular routine of the school year. I'll miss our boys, who will be far away, but I'll know where they are, and that they're safe, productive, and thriving. What's more important that that?

And, once everything settles down, I won't have to consult the calendar to make sure I'm not missing anyone.

Is anyone else starting to look forward to fall yet like I am? (It's OK to admit it; we're grown ups!)


Linda Higgins said...

I love the fall and the cool evenings too. But I love the hot summer days as well. I remember when my children were in school as well and the little relief I got from the summer running around, but you homeschool so what relief do you get? You are a busy mother ALL the time! Isn't it grand that we have such a variety of time?! To be honest...I do miss the anticipation of the beginning of the school year and all the hustle and bustle. There is nothing better than being a mother...(sigh)

Blessings each day said...

Even though Spring is my favorite season, I DO love Fall and all the things it encompasses, especially the fact that it means new beginnings for learning. Have always loved the school environment and the 'feeling' of learning in the classroom.

It was hard for me to get past your 'bombshell' that you have a son entering the seminary...how awesome is THAT!!! A thousand congratulations!

You definitely have a reason to 'count heads' to make sure everyone is accounted for, but I had only three and would always feel like there could still be someone missing! Sometimes I wonder if that was because of my son in Heaven or the miscarriages I had later.

blessings and hugs,


p.s. will be doing a skewed version of your 35 things tomorrow!

Diana said...

Oh Lisa I love everything about fall. I have already been thinking about it too. My Katie will be starting high school and I know that she too is looking forward to it. I have always thought that summer is a little over rated!

GrandmaK said...

Even with no kids at home, I still get to that part of July when I yearn for the cool of September. And my summer this year is so hectic that I just want to sit and veg! My best to you and yours!!! We'll be off to Atlanta in Aug...Carson City in Sept...Wee Daniel is due to arrive in this world in Oct...and Jimmy and Kelly's wedding in Dec! Whew! We should take a coffee/tea break! Cathy

GrandmaK said...

I did it...yes I did! I did the ONE WORD MEME...Have a grand day! Cathy

Kim H. said...

Fall has to be my favorite season -- although I fear in our new locale, we might not have much of one. I'll have to keep everyone posted about "Fall in the South" when it happens.

You are amazing -- all the things you orchestrate in your household. You are an amazing Mom and truly an inspiration.

And will you put your kids names in order with their ages for me -- you know so I can get a visual of the lineup. :)

Bia said...

fall is my absolute favorite time of the year...everything about is is cozy.

sounds like you're summer has been full...and that's a blessed thing.

MightyMom said...

girl, you need to take a school supply buying trip!

that'll fix you right up.


there are many changes coming with the school year that have me both excited and anxious.

now, can you use 2 x's in the same sentence?? ;-)