Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mostly Wordless Wednesday

Galbraith Mountain Trail
Five minutes west of Golden, Colorado
Have you got your sunscreen, your water bottle, and your hiking shoes?

It's a nice easy start. It's not too crowded and the trail is good. Someone has gone to the trouble to make stone steps along the way. That's nice. Have you finished your Frappaccino? Here, I'll put the empty cup in my backpack.
Look how green everything is! There's a little brook hidden down in the trees. Can you hear it tumbling over the rocks? That's a Bullock's Oriole we hear in the treetops. (No, I'm not a bird expert; I only know because I asked that "birder" back there on the trail. Did you see those ladies dressed all in white, swishing the butterfly nets around? I wanted to take a picture of them, but I was afraid they might not appreciate it...)
Climbing higher now. The trail is still easy, but Dan and I are trying to hide the panting and brow-wiping from one another. Had you noticed? That's just part of our no-grunting-and-groaning rule. I'm taking lots of opportunities to pause and snap pictures of wildflowers, though... Don't mind me; just keep on going. Unless you need a rest, too.

Look how high we are now! There's the town of Golden; somewhere down there is the Coors Brewery. I could use a cold drink right now... I might even take a can of Coors.
Almost to the top. Time for a breather under this pine tree. No pretending we're not winded now. Go ahead and have a seat on that rock in the shade. Don't you love that fresh, piney smell up here?

We made it! It's worth the climb to see the view from up here, isn't it? It's a little bit of a hazy day and not the most spectacular of vistas at this low altitude, but don't you think all the wildflowers along the trail made up for it? This was fun. I'm glad you came along!

I have to admit I'm glad the way back is all downhill, though. I'm pooped out. But, hey, maybe I burned off that Frappuccino... Or at least the whipped cream on top?

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Sara said...

That was fun! Thanks for the trip. I don't get to do much hiking here in the suburbs.

Charlotte (Matilda) said...

My 5 yo was looking over my shoulder saying, "Wow...the woods!" I guess we should get out more.

Delena said...


MightyMom said...

whoo I'm winded!

thanks for the hike darling! did you have to sit down in the grass and try a couple times (about 10 min worth) to get such wonderful wildflower shots??


Night Owl Mama said...

Absolutely GOrgeous thanks for sharing

Sara Bonds said...

How absolutely beautiful and peaceful. Great photos.

Linda Higgins said...

I just love wildflowers! They have a mind of their own. They just do as they please and pop up where ever they want! And besides that...they always make people smile! What a life....Thanks for making me smile too!

His Servant: Ann Kraeger said...

Thanks for taking us along. I always so enjoy reading you. I secretly want to be like you when I grow up.