Thursday, May 28, 2009

Real quick...

Before I run out to weed the peas.

Crafty Crow (my favorite kid-craft resource) is going through the alphabet, linking to crafts for each letter. Which, of course, is too much fun if you have one child just out of kindygarten, and another one going in this fall...
But, check this out. Tucked into one of the daily posts there, I found a recommendation for a new blog full of fun nature projects for the kids. It's called The Magnifying Glass.
Crafty Crow also linked to a site, Imagine Childhood, which has some great products to check out and a beautiful blog, that features the most gorgeous nature walks all over the world.
And, in my wanderings started there, I found this blog full of great nature ideas and inspiration. Great ways to keep learning alive through the summer -- and beyond!


Blessings each day said...

Have to go to a meeting tonight at church (got involved in a project that has turned out to be HUGE), but will check out these sites later and probably send my DIL to some.

thx for your "sleuthing here.



Lori said...

thank you so much! :^)