Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Meet the girls

Theresa chatting with Miss Marple
who lays brown eggs

Cathy's got Miss Persnickety
a barred rock
who lays brown eggs

Michelle with Victoria ("The Clydesdale Chicken")
A cochin
who lays brown eggs
and intimidates all the children, except Michelle

Cathy, about to lose Penny
we're not sure of her breed, but think she's a brown leghorn
who is not laying yet

Theresa with Tricki Woo
who is laying brown eggs

William and BooBoo Chicken
who is not laying yet, but will lay white eggs

Gabe and either Maple or Opal (I can't tell them apart...)
a brown leghorn (we think)
who is not laying yet, but should have white eggs soon

Anna with Maple if the picture above is Opal, or vice versa
another brown leghorn, like her sister, above.

William with Tinkerbell
who should be laying brown eggs soon

Pictured below, Miss Persnickety,
the hardest-to-catch hen
who lays light pink eggs


Whatcha doin' Yuyum?
says I
I'm watching Miss Persnickety so I can catch her,
says he.
You see her hiding under there? ,
says he.
I'm coming to get you, Miss Persnickety!

In your dreams,
says she.
Almost gotcha!
says he
(Psst! Hey, Tricki, go distract him for me, will ya?)

Ha! I threw him!
says she
I gived up,
says he.


Heather Jaracz said...

Wow, I love it. They look so cute with the kids! Do you use any for soup when they're done laying?

Lisa said...

Hi, Heather! We haven't yet, as our last set of hens were laying well into their seventh year ~ and then we moved and gave them away. It wouldn't have been any big deal to have butchered any of the first lot because they were all the same breed and looked exactly alike, so we didn't name them. I don't know about these, though, since they're named... We've found out that really puts a damper on setting them on the dinner table. &:o'

Sarah said...

I love the commentary! I never thought I would say this about hens, but they are beautiful. Danielle Bean's daughter Kateri, raises them as well. If I had any land, I would look into raising them myself. Looks like fun, though I know there is work involved.

Jo Flemings said...

totally cool! I am so jealous! You can't imagine how mightily blessed you are- lots of kids, country setting, some subsistence livestock, and cool dry mountain air- some women have it all! :o)

Linda Higgins said...

BTDT (been there, done that) and I loved it. The children loved it too. I have many fond memories of them growing up on a farm. And even if it were just an acre of land, it is so good to teach them some country living! LOVE IT>

Kim H. said...

Oh my word!!! Those are some cute chickens -- but really beautiful KIDDOS!!! I love the pictures of William -- don't you just want to eat him up every day???!!!!

And what a beautiful gift of learning you have right there in your back yard. This suburban girl is jealous.

Thursday HUGS!!!

Lisa said...

Sarah ~ Chickens really are beautiful birds, I think. And very interesting. Smarter than you'd think ~ and full of personality. Plus the benefit of eggs! And, as far as taking care of animals, they're the easiest. Easier, really, than cats and dogs, I think.

Jo ~ Thank-you! There really are many blessings in this life. I have to stop and remind myself of it sometimes, I'm afraid...

Linda ~ There really are a lot of benefits, huh? The children get to go on an egg hunt every day ~ and see that eggs don't come from cartons at the supermarket. But, then, they also have to do the work to get the eggs!

Kim ~ Thank-you! There is a lot of learning; it's good to be able to do it. William is so funny with the animals. He knows no fear. He cracks me up. We think he's the ringer God gave us to end up on.

MightyMom said...

what a bunch of cutie-pies!!

but when you introduced the girls I was awfully surprised to see a pic of WILLIAM!! hahah.

what beautiful children you do have!

Bia said...

That Miss Persnickety . . .

Chickens were cute . . . but I loved the photos of your children.

Kaila said...

I LOVE your chickens! I can't wait until i have a big enough yard for them.