Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Presidents

To feel better about the recent campaign process and result, and to see how well our nation bounds and rebounds, check out the History channel today, where the awesome series, the Presidents, is playing. We're DVRing it and will watch an episode a day for the next week or two to put things in historical perspective.

I gotta tell you, it was cathartic learning about the race between John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson first thing this morning.
Things really aren't so bad folks. Or, well, at least we know that, though things have sunk pretty low in the past, we've always recovered.


GrandmaK said...

That is really a wonderful series. Indeed, I too, feel hope. My dear friend, Sr. Dorothy and I even talked about our hopes for this nation "under God" over lunch today. We have travailed and overcome, and we will continue to do it. Thanks for the reminder! Cathy

Marie said...

I have nominated your blog for an Award Lisa please check out my blog for details:). God bless you.

I have been watching a TV drama on the life of John Adams a brilliant show and am enjoying it very much. In those days you had REAL Statesmen as Presidents....

Peace and much love to you

Marie jxoxoxox

Anne said...

Thanks for keeping it light hearted. I just love that boundin show..So do the kids, so I cannot wait till the morning to show them!