Thursday, November 20, 2008

Truth or Consonants

Anna (6) and I have been working on the letter H.

So, this afternoon, we were playing a little game together where she tried to think of everything on her person that began with the letter of the day. And she was doing very well, with only a little bit of hinting on my part.

She got "Heart" right away.

And "Hands."

And "Hair."

But then she was stumped.

So I gave her a little Hint, pointing to that area on the side of her little frame, between her waist and her thigh.

And, you know what she said?

Take a guess.













Seriously, you couldn't possibly guess.

She said



I didn't know she had ever even heard that word!

(And, NO, I was not looking for the word you're thinking, kids! Sheesh!)

It was Hip. I wanted her to say Hip.

But, spleen? Where did she get spleen?


I still laugh every time I think of it.

(But, yeah, we need to work on that H sound a little more...)


Marie said...

I taking a few days break from my blog. But DO watch the YOUTUBE I have on my blog. Let me know if you and your children can say the riddle FIRST time? I can't because I giggle too much but it is lots of fun! Let me know IF you or your children say it right FIRST Time? LOL

With much fun and love,

marie ooxoxoxoxo 'the pessel with, no, the flagon with the dragon is the brew that no LOL!

Bia said...

I think you have a future doctor here...

Soutenus said...

You got me . . . . I laughed . . . out loud!

Kaila said...

*laughs* That is SO cute!