Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How Obama Got Elected

Have you seen this yet?



Therese said...

Have you seen Zeigler's interview with Colmes and Hannity?

Colmes tries to tell Zeigler that he believes Obama voters are morons and Zeigler says no they are not stupid they just were not informed by the media the bad things about Obama but were informed about the bad things about Palin and McCain.

RogueComment said...

This is not information. It's trite and easily replicated by asking questions about any subject.

Lisa said...

LOL! Ya think? Did you watch the video? Or are you trying to be disarming in a nonsensical way. I think that is the trick of the Obama camp, is it not? Now, how did you come across my little Catholic mother blog, anyway, Mr R. Comment?

You looked through my blog and this is what you found to make comment upon, and THIS is your comment? How old are you, hon?