Saturday, November 15, 2008

Do you remember...

Oh, you know my name is Simon, and the things I draw come true...

Out of the blue, this tune from my childhood popped into my head. Do you remember it? If you're my age (40-something) and watched it every day as a child as I did, it's likely permanently etched on the chalkboard in your brain.

If you're not humming this tune yet, check out the video below.

(It's an amazing age we live in, isn't it, when I can, in the click of a few computer keys, pull up an episode of that old cartoon. Amazing. Just amazing.)

So gentle and imaginative. &:o)

Of course I shared this with the children. Our 2 year-old quickly bored of it, but the older children were drawn right in (pun intended...) Anna says, "I need a giant alarm clock like that." And she's right, the little sleepy head ~ she does!

Captain Kangaroo was a childhood favorite for me. Do you remember that tune?

How 'bout the theme song to another favorite,

Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood?

Surely you remember the theme song to Gilligan's Island?

And I know you know the Brady Bunch theme song!

But how about George of the Jungle?

The Addams Family?

(Check this one out ~ Michael Buble sings this version!)

Can you hum the theme song to the original Get Smart TV show? (What a classic opening sequence. My Dad loved this show! Just hearing this music makes me think of him.)
Isn't it amazing how music, like smells, can bring you instantly back to another time and place? In these few minutes I've traveled all the way back to my childhood! I remembered all of these tunes except for Fat Albert, which just wouldn't come to me, except for the "Hey, hey, hey!" part and I couldn't think of the tune to the Captain Kangaroo show at first.

Can you think of any other themes that I should have on this list?


Joannof10 said...

When I think about TV and my Dad I think of Tom and Jerry. He watched it everyday when he got home from work at 4:00. There was no choice, this is what we watched.

I also think of Hawaii 5-0. I love that theme song, that's all us kids could see because my Dad thought it was too violent for children. LOL

Esther said...

Great post! How about the Monkees? The Partridge Family? Magilla Gorilla? I'm sure I could think of many more but I'll let others do that.

Marie said...

The Addams family *click* * click*

Esther!!! I remember the Monkees...hey hey we're the monkees and people say we monkey around la la la..Yes and the Partridge family(had a HUGE crush on David Cassidy lol)..The Waltons were another favourite and Little House on the Prairie..Top Cat....oh yes MY favourite...The MUNSTERS!!!!!Loved the Munsters!..I wanted to live in their house what a NUT! LOL!

LOL Lisa you have me going down memory lane and its a longgggggggg lane LOL!

I have started a Royal beauty contest if you want some fun and light relief go to my blog and VOTE for who you think the winner is:).

Peace, JOY & Fun to you:)

Marie xooxoxoxo

GrandmaK said...

Then there is any number from School House Rock that the kids and I used to watch on Saturday mornings. I found most of them on YouTube of course but chose only one! Come see! This was great!!!!!!! Cathy

Donna said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! I love it, Lisa!!!!!!I do remember those theme songs, and ohhhhh watching Simon again!!!!! That was sooooo wonderful!!!! I loved Simon, I could sing that song too. George of the Jungle too!!! Thank you so much for that little stroll down memory lane!

Totallyscrappy said...

A little bit later... the theme song to The Facts of Life.

Lisa said...

Joann ~ As soon as I read the words "Hawaii 5-0" the tune popped in my head. Isn't it funny? I haven't even thought of that show for a couple decades! (Goodness, that makes me sound SO OLD!)

Esther ~ Ohmygoodness, yes! The Monkees and the Partridge Family were totally staples for us, too. I remember both of those songs!

Marie ~ I loved the Adams family and the Munsters ~ and I was like you ~ I thought their house was just the coolest! And Herman was a sweetheart! &;O)

Cathy ~ I LOVED visiting bit o Blarney and hearing the "Interjection" video! I could sing to almost the whole thing, and I don't think I've seen that since I was a preteen! I was thinking that there's got to be a DVD of all of those somewhere. What a great learning tool those were ~ I mean, if I remember them all these years later... Gotta google that!

Dons ~ I knew you'd enjoy that! I gotta get Nina on here ~ You know her; she'll think of a dozen more!

Totallyscrappy ~ &:O)I remember that one! That was a big show in its day! I can think of the tune, but don't know all the words. Didn't one of those girls grow up to be a role model Christian wife and mother?

+JMJ+ said...

Tra la la...lalalalaaaaaah

The Banana splits!