Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One Problem Solved

Yesterday I mentioned the trouble we've had with our schoolbook organization. We have bins for each of the girls' every day work, folders, binders, and pencil cases which they carry in from our big school cabinet (pictured at right), which is now located in our living room. That hasn't been a problem.

BUT, we do our school work on our dining room table, which, of course, we also use for everything else under the sun, including eating, so we can't use the table top for storage. We have a big bookcase in the room, but it's filled with all our saints books, coffee table books, and works of classics. Then, we have the piano and only a little room for anything else. So all our every day reference materials, correction books, and "together work" has ended up stacked on the hearth right near Mom's end of the dining room table. It's handy that way, but it's rather an eyesore.
See? Here was the problem:
(The books, not the boys &:o)

And here's the solution we found:

(It's from Tarjay, it cost about $25, and it's on wheels. Note the matching waste basket!)


Memarie Lane said...

I've only got the two, and I don't know what to do with all the stuff. I've been tossing it all in a box.

Laura said...

Look at your boys.
They've got that "See how neat we are?" look on them.
Good for them.
Come to my classroom and help me.....PUHLEASE...I beg you.
I have stuff everywhere.

Lisa said...

Laura ~ LOL! I have stuff everywhere, too ~ but now it's just tucked away.... Well, for a minute it is, anyway.

Marie ~ For a really good homeschool organizational lady ~ check out Dawn at "By Sun and Candlelight" ~ her file crate system is awesome and inexpensive. Good luck to you! It's amazing how we collect things as homeschoolers. Things you can't bear to give away or sell, because you MIGHT need it again someday... YOu wouldn't believe how many bins of books and other materials we have out in the barn ~ because I might need them someday ~ but I can never find what I want when I want it...

Marie said...

Hey I need one of those my books are piled up on my side table..but I have nearly finished Pride and Prejudice YAY!

I have given you an Award hon just name 7 blogs that you enjoy to pass the Award forward:).

Peace, joy & love to you:)

Marie xoxooxo

SuzyQ said...

We have so many books! There always seems to be a pile of books in every room in our house!
By the way there is an award waiting for you over at my place

GrandmaK said...

Simply BRILLIANT!! Might just consider that for my RCIA projects! Thanks@ Cathy

Eileen said...

It all looks awesome! I can't seem to get our stuff organized to my satisfaction -- we always (always!) end up with piles that have nowhere to go. My dh keeps saying, "You keep having me put up shelves everywhere -- what's on all of them?"

What, indeed??? :)

Bia said...

I love your organization solutions . . . but I can't get past your two smiling sons. They are too cute for words.


His Servant: Ann Kraeger said...

Good idea and the models are cute too. When I had all the kids at home I used bins for each of them that stacked behind the couch when we weren't using them. Now I am only homeschooling one and I still have piles everywhere. I hate to put it all away because I may need it and then I'd have to look for it all over again.