Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's been two and a half weeks and I can't stand it anymore!

I wanted to see how long I could go without personally being the one to put the toilet paper back on the wall holder. It's easy to refill our holder, as there's a supply of new rolls within arm's reach of the "toot," so it's just a matter of unwrapping a new roll, taking off the empty cardboard tube, and replacing the new roll. No big deal, right? But I wanted to see how long we'd go before someone besides me put the roll on the holder instead of leaving it on the top of the tank.

You moms know the answer to this one, don't you? I knew it, too before I started my little experiment. The answer is:


My sis said she almost put it on there when she was here, but got distracted.

My mom didn't end up going into the bathroom at all when she was here, or it would definitely have been done.

But, neither of my brothers noticed anything amiss in there when they came over.

The Littles, who are here 24-7 couldn't manage the mechanics of it, even if they wanted to. Which they don't.

My teenage daughter apparently figured if I hadn't put it on, there must be some good reason for it.

And, my husband (bless his little male heart) isn't aware there is a toilet paper holder on the wall.


And so, here we are ~ two and a half weeks, and not a taker, folks. Drove me crazy every time I went in the bathroom. Our main floor bathroom is used so often, it needs a revolving door, but the wall holder remained empty for two and a half weeks. And the roll gravitated back and forth between the corner of the sink, the back of the tank, and the floor. Not that it mattered, but I started to figure out the pattern of who put it where. Interesting psychology, but frustrating.


So, what have I proven in this little experiment?

Nothing, I suppose, except what I already knew ~ that I am either:

A) totally indispensible to keep working all the tiny gears of happy, efficient living in my family


B) totally obsessed about little details that don't matter one little bit to anyone else.

Regardless, the toilet paper is now back on the wall holder where it belongs. And I feel much better about life in general, even if I had to be the one to do the job.

I guess some of us are just meant to be the the keepers of the toilet paper. We're the same ones who are the sweepers of floors, the wipers of noses, the stockers of pantries, the pinchers of pennies, the bucklers of seatbelts, the teachers of manners, the rockers of cradles...

We rule the world.

One roll of toilet paper at a time...
(You better believe it!)


Therese said...

well you know in our house if there is no toilet paper, usually one of my girls will get into the toilet and then start yelling someone bring me some toilet paper please. I ask them to check before they sit down and do their business but they always forget.

Laura said...

Dear Toilet Paper Keeper.
I have a plan.
You know how you switched from paper towels to cloth rags?
Maybe switching from toilet paper to cloth rags might change their attitudes toward toilet paper ownership.
I bet everyone will figure out how it goes back on the spool...I bet they will figure it out quickly.

Hee Hee

GrandmaK said...

I think Laura has a good idea...If the rags don't work there is always pieces of old newspaper cut up and left to use...Mom used to visit her grandparents in Rocky Ford and the out house only had newspaper. When she would tell me that story we never had an empty roll, unless we were out which was seldom! I can feel your frustration! Mine was loading the dishwasher...but that's a story for another day! Thanks!!! Cathy

Bia said...

Something similar happened over here: I was cleaning the boys' bathroom one day and noticed they didn't have any bar soap in the shower. Since supplies are nearby I didn't think anything of it. ONE WEEK LATER I am changing the towels in their bathroom and notice they still don't have any soap. So, I ask you, what have they been using for soap for the past seven days???????

Don't answer that . . . I really don't want to know.

annemom6 said...

I have been so tempted to do the same experiment. Though my children are smaller, I am pretty sure they could figure this one out! How's the paper towel withdrawl going?

His Servant: Ann Kraeger said...

That couldn't be more true in this house. Out in the bathroom in the washroom that the men use when they come in from the barn the toilet paper has NEVER been hung up. It always resides on the back of the tank. I am the only one who hangs it up. I also am the only one who puts out the tissues when the old box gets emptied. But we need them too, for something, I think, I just can't think of what it is right now.