Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Making Faces

Inspired by this book ~ Making Faces, by Norman Messenger ~ we put together a simple, fun game for the children. Fun for all ages, it's a great cognitive tool for our toddlers, and silly enough to keep our teenagers busy, too.

And, it's easy-peasy.

All you need is a camera that can download to a printer, scissors, glue, construction paper and clear contact paper.

1. Take a picture of your child(ren), husband, self, whomever. More than one is better; half the fun is mixing and matching faces. Make sure you center each face so that the top of the hair and the bottom of the chin are framed the same in each photo.

2. Print out each photo.

3. Gluestick onto construction paper.

4. Cut each picture into thirds, measuring to make sure they are all the same, and that each contains the same facial features.

5. Cover each section of each picture with contact paper, leaving some overhang to fold around the edges, to keep the edges neat.

6. Voila! You're done! Now mix and match! Too much fun!

(That last one there, the mix & match of all three girls, just cracks them up!)

If you don't have a camera/printer, or just want to save ink, you can also just draw cartoon pictures to play the same game, like so:

Now, run over to Shannon's at Rocks in my Dryer, for literally hundreds of fun and useful tips!


Bia said...

My boys would love this...shoot, I would love this!

Creative as always!

AmyK said...

What a fun and awesome idea! This would be great to do at kids' parties. My stepdaughter would LOVE it!

Jenna said...

That's hilarious! I will have to try that with my 5 year old - she'll love it.

Laura said...

I love this too.

SuzyQ said...

I'm going to try this with my girls. They'll be in stitches I bet!
Fun idea Lisa:)