Saturday, September 6, 2008

Song of Mary in Late Summer

Soft and blue are thy robes, my Mother,
Azure and clear as an angel's eyes -
Let me hide in them, oh, my Mother -
Radiant Queen of the summer skies!

Softly piled on the far horizon
Smoky white clouds drifting here and there;
These the border on your blue mantle -
Mother most holy......Virgin most fair!

Deep and blue and wide is the ocean -
Deep as the call of its peace to me;
Jeweled and shining.....
Thy veil, my Mother?
Thy silvered veil, oh Star of the sea?

Poem by Edith M. Stoney Robert
The first beautiful holy card is from Micki's collection at Holy Cards for Your Inspiration, one of my favorite sites on the internet; this second image of Our Lady Star of the Sea, I've had saved on my computer for quite some time and am not sure where I got it...


SuzyQ said...

Words and pictures alike :0)

Micki said...

Both pictures are special. Thank you for sharing one of my holy cards. Looks good on your blog. I love the other card also. I don't have that one. Looks great.

Marie said...

Simply beautiful! I love those pics...Don't you wish you are an artist to paint Our Lady and great Saints. Thank God for the Gift of those who can and bring us this visual beauty. Also those who can write such beautiful words. Truly inspiring Thanks Lisa:).

Peace, joy & love to you:)

Marie xooxox