Thursday, August 14, 2008


Jogged over here into August to preserve space in September... Does that make sense? Too bad we can't do things like this in real life! (Like ~ Oh, I don't have time to deal with this now... Let's just put it back in August....)

So, anyway, let me set the scene... It's really Sunday, September 14th, 2008. We've been to Mass already, had eggs, bacon, and fruit smoothies for breakfast, and now we're dispersed for the afternoon.

Dad's working on bills...

Michelle's doodling on a sketch for her art class...
(Rumor is that it's a portrait of Uncle Dave.)
Catherine is playing daredevil games on the swing...
Setting an example for Theresa...


While Anna plays in the dirt.
Here's the Parable of the Volcano Queen...

And Gabriel and William prepare a mid-afternoon snack...

And, you can see what I'm doing, right?

I'm just enjoying it all.

I love slow, unstructured Sunday afternoons.

1 comment:

SuzyQ said...

"I love slow, unstructured Sunday afternoons."
So do I, Sunday afternoons are my favourite time of the week!

I actually felt quite emotional watching these clips. I feel privilliged to have been invited into your lovely life.
You have such beautiful kids ( but of course you new that :0)
You are so blessed. I can really feel the happy atmosphere in your homelife with your family, just beautiful.

Oh and Boo is constantly making up stories too. I'm going to have to catch her on camera one day I think :0)