Friday, August 1, 2008

Bad Haiku Festival!

Finally, it has arrived ~ the long-awaited, eagerly-anticipated Haiku Festival over at Haiku Queen Laura's! Here are our contributions. It was good to stimulate a little brain activity around here! Can you tell by some of our haikus that this might have been needed?

Make sure and run over to
Catholic Teacher Musings for scads of good Bad Haikus!

Theresa's (9):
I go to the pool.
I don't need to go to school
Summer is so cool.

Sunny, hot, and slow
Still a million things to do
It's frying my brain...
Dominic's (14):
I write a poem.
Even though I cannot think
I still have to write.

Michelle's (13):
The pain in thinking...
Oh how often must you think,
"Oh, why must I think?"
What wonder fills me
in the vast forest of words
and song in the sea?
Jon's (17):
Oh the joy I've had
Working my weary bones bare
Having made beauty.
Kevin's (19):
If few are love's words,
In these few you should believe ~
To give without thought.


Cheryl Lage said...

These are all wonderful! You have very talented children!

GrandmaK said...

These are realllllyyy wonderful...(Okay so you'll have to check my spelling!)Cathy

SuzyQ said...

You're kids write so well.
Of course you do to Lisa lol!
These were brilliant :0)

Bia said...

Wonderful! Beautiful!
Theresa: my boys agree
Lisa: way ahead of brain is ALREADY fried
Dominic: that's how I feel about laundry
Michelle: "the vast forest of words"...just beautiful
Jon: don't work too hard...go to the pool with Theresa
Kevin: wow. a romantic soul in OCS

Blessings to you all!