Saturday, August 16, 2008

Eine Kleine Haus Musik

Today is Jon and Dominic's last day at home before heading back to boarding school in Omaha. Our friend, Alena, is visiting and it's raining cats and dogs outside, so everyone is stuck in the house, which is not typical, but everyone is making do. I asked Jon to play some music for me to share and he chose this song, "Mirkwood," which was written by a very talented friend of the boys' (I have to give this young man credit! Bravo, Christoper Goering!). It's my new theme song. Since he didn't have the music, Jon just played the beginning and the end, the parts that he remembered. I panned around a little to show you some typical silliness. Doesn't rattle Jon a bit. He's been so inoculated to distraction, Jon could play the piano during an earthquake and not skip a beat!

=sigh= I'll miss my Jon tinkering away on the piano. I'll miss Dominic's silly faces. Knowing that they're in a healthy place for their bodies, minds and souls is good consolation, but the days can't pass quickly enough until Thanksgiving vacation.

But we're all always close in heart and prayer ~ now, when we're temporarily separated, later, when the children will venture off to build their own lives, and finally, when we'll inevitably be in different camps of the Communion of Saints. It's one of the greatest comforts of our Faith to know we're never really far away from each other when Christ links us.

And here is our church choir singing Jesu Rex Admirabilis. Dominic, Jon, and Kevin were singing bass this day, and Michelle was in the soprano section.


Laura said...

Doesn't that make you cry? (at least a little?)

Dori said...

Oh wow, what a musically talented family! The choir was amazing, but what I really was impressed by was "Mirkwood". It was really fantastic!

I hope you enjoyed your stay in Virginia! Congratulate Paul for me!

Lisa said...

Laura ~ Yes, it does.

Dori ~ Thanks. &:o) I wish Jon had had the music for "Mirkwood" at the time he played this... He didn't get the whole thing in, and it really is awesome. The boys' friend, Christopher is an amazingly talented composer.
We loved getting to visit Virginia; we only wish we'd had more time to explore! I actually grew up in VA, but it's been 2/3 of my life ago that we moved away! (Yikes! That makes me feel old!) I'll give Paul your Congrats ~ thanks!

GrandmaK said...

Again, prayer in song. Lifts us up and carries us to the heights. Thank you. Cathy

His Servant: Ann Kraeger said...

I am with you this week. Our beloved Father Castronovo leaves for a new assignment in PA. Thursday I have to take my friend and beloved daughter to college. It may only be 30min. away but to not have her here all the time will be agony. And, finally, on Saturday Jason leaves for school also. It truly has been a summer of hellos and goodbyes. I guess on Monday Matthew and I will start school, it seems to be the only thing to do. Even the state fair doesn't have the appeal for both of us that it has had in the past.

Bia said...

Music to my ears . . . literally. Thanks for sharing.

Donna said...

I love this Lisa. I told my friend, Sean, about it and he loves it too. I just keep coming back to your blog so I can hear Jon playing! I really want him to find a way to record the whole thing for us! It would be wonderful to have on CD, don't ya think? The choir was beautiful too. But, then I was there to hear to them all throughout Mass.