Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just poppin' in here to make note that there are a few...

Things I Cannot Eat Just One Of:

(One handful, that is. )
(Oh, and, um, please 'scuse the dangling preposition there...)

1. Peanut M&Ms

2. Fiddle Faddle

3. Fig Newtons

(So much for the diet this day. I just ate a sleeve...)


Soutenus said...

My youngest son just discovered a love for Fig Newtons!! I agree -- yum!

Lisa said...

Goodness, Peggy, I'd be so much better off if I didn't like those newtons so much... &:o'

GrandmaK said...

Let's see...Cashew, peanuts, popcorn (MY microwave bag-full), Vanilla Wafers, and chips and salsa. I could go on but it would certainly be too revealing...Ron's the Fig Newton man!! This was fun! Cathy

Laura said...

Fig Newtons? Interesting. I like me a fig every once in a while. But I can back off.
The M&M's....well you know my surrender to the bright yellow bag.

Bia said...

Uhmmm...what's a fiddle faddle?

For me, I can't eat just one Hasbro gummie bear. No siree, only the entire bag will do. (And it takes me a long time because I eat one at a time!)

Lisa said...

Cathy ~ oh, yeah, any kind of nut! And popcorn for me, too...

And chips, Laura... Yeah, I have a problem stopping from eating them all, too.

Bia ~ Fiddle Faddle is carmel covered popcorn with peanuts in it, basically. Mmmmmmmmmgoooooood! Ya gotta try some! Gummie bears are probably much better for you, though! &:o)