Friday, July 18, 2014

You know that smell?

We can't smell it ourselves, of course, but our 8 year old neighbor says our house smells like Jolly Ranchers.

I'm trying to decide how I feel about that.


Mary said...

Think of it as a compliment. Is it related to laundry detergent?
I had a childhood friend that I thought their house smelled like hot dogs. Every time. I always wonder what ours smells like.

Charlotte (WaltzingM) said...

That's totally a compliment! I was just thinking about this the other day. Three of us spent the whole day over at our friend's house working on a project and when we came home the rest of the kids said, "You guys even smell like their house!" What do we normally smell like, I wonder.

Lisa said...

Haha! I guess I'd rather smell like Jolly Ranchers than hotdogs, Mary! :) But, yeah, maybe the dryer sheets or something? We really don't eat candy much, so I really don't know!

Lisa said...

Charlotte, this conversation has come up at our house, too, on a lot of occasions, actually! It's just funny somehow that we can go to someone else's house blindfolded and know where we are -- but would only notice our own house by the absence of any smell at all!

Anne said...

I sooo understand this one! Any of us smell Tide soap, and we think of a friend in Pueblo! Her house always smells like it, and we love it!
Lisa.. help me get over something.. I want so badly to spell attach with an extra t, as in attatch... and I misspell it every single time, till I see the goofy line under it telling me that it's not correct.. What's the phonics rule here?? I know you know... heheheee