Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Storming the Castle...

 And Having Fun!

We threw the first annual Princess Bride party Sunday evening, and, let me tell you --  we had a blast with it!  I mean, how can you go wrong with this theme, right?  And, no kidding, we have a few hams in this family.  Unabashed. Uninhibited.  Crazy People.

The fun started out with the conceiving of the menu (not inconceivable!).  Since this is our first go at a Princess Bride party, we used the internet as a crutch this time around, finding several ideas on good ole' Pintrest.  And several of the signs that were required to go with the dishes the children made were printed off the computer for lack of time.  (This was a spur of the moment idea!)  Next time around I expect we'll a lot more time for creativity -- and then, look out!  

Needless to say, everyone had to wear costumes, so a raiding of the bins followed the stealing of ideas from the internet.   Somewhat surprisingly, everyone wanted to be Dread Pirate Roberts and no one wanted to be Princess Buttercup.  (Gone are the days of sweet little cherub girls in diamonds and trailing dresses here. ==sigh==)

Dread Pirate Cathy and Dread Pirate Anna
The perfect kiss?  Cookies and cream.

I'm not going to repeat what these are... ,

 Since the chief purpose of our party was to eat food and watch the movie...  we only arranged to play one game. We bought a little dollar-store, light-up tiara which we passed from person to person by means of sly word-trickery.  Cathy volunteered to be the first to wear the tiara.  Before the party, Dan wrote several individual words on little slips of paper and placed them in a little toy pirate's chest.  (Words like:  "Inconceivable,"  "Princess," "Westley," and "Sword..." to go with the movie, naturally...)  Upon donning the tiara, Cathy chose one of the words in the pirate chest, read it, and destroyed the evidence. Her goal then was to trick someone else into saying the word she chose.  When that happened, she got to relinquish her crown and give it to the speaker of the secret word.  At the end of the movie, the person stuck with the crown, got to be "Princess Buttercup" for the week.  Haha! A fate worse than death for most of the children -- the boys especially, but -- even the girls were hurrying to relinquish the title! (Forgive me if I still just can't get over this. Only a  couple years ago, our girls would have been thrilled to be Princess Buttercup!)

Anyway,  in the course of the movie, the tiara passed around and around....  ending up on William!   So, William is having to put up with us referring to him as "Buttercup" this week. (snort!)  He's taking it in good humor, I'm happy to report.

Theresa as "Buttercup"
Cathy "Buttercup"
William "Olive Fingers"

Not sure you can read the label; these are Miracle Max's Miracle Cure Chocolate Bites

 (a la Mom)*
Dread Pirate Anna again  (too cute to dread)

Miracle Max's Olde Time Sandwich Shoppe: Mutton, Lettuce, & Tomato fixin's - (a la Theresa)*

Dread Pirate William

Count Rugen's meat roll-up "fingers"... (a la Anna)*
We're not sure who Gabe is here -- maybe the Albino?
Westley's "I'm not one to be trifled with Trifle"  (a la Cathy)*

Dan took his turn as "Buttercup," too
Fireswamp Chili (a la Mom)*

One thing our children are especially good at: Pirate Sneering. This is how dread pirates have a good time! 
And, truly, a good time was had by all! 
It was a treat to have Dominic home for the party, but, as always, we missed all the other brothers and Michelle  being here to share in it with us!  Maybe next time, guys?  (We'll have to plan it for the next reunion or something.)

* Recipes

Fireswamp Chili --    * Ground Turkey Chili  

Miracle Max's Miracle Cure bits -- *Double chocolate paleo energy bites

     MLT Sandwiches -- pretty much what it looks like, except the "mutton" is turkey pastrami!
Westley's "I am no one to be trifled with" Trifle -- * Oreo Trifle

* Count Rugan Finger Roll Ups 

app 1/2 lbs. med-thick-sliced deli meat of any variety (we used turkey)
1 package softened cream cheese
1 half can black (or green) olives, diced small
1/2 tsp garlic salt
sprinkling of parsley flakes if desired
(Makes approximately one pair of hands)

Into softened cream cheese, mix garlic salt, parsley, and well-drained diced olives.  Spread 1-2 tablespoons of this mixture evenly over a slice of deli meat, then roll from the narrow end, to form a long, finger-shaped roll up.  Repeat.  Make five for Count Rugan's left hand, six for his right hand.  Form a simple "palm" out of circular pieces of deli meat, sandwiched with the cream cheese mixture.  Arrange appropriately.  Enjoy!


Charlotte (WaltzingM) said...

Oh my goodness! I love this and I know my kids will too! Can't wait to surprise them with a party like this.

Anne P. said...

Best.movie.ever! And, not sure if you listen to Hugh Hewett, but it's his fav too!

Natalie said...

This is great! I'm going to start theme dinner with the kids this year!

Amy Caroline said...

This is hysterical!!!