Saturday, July 5, 2014

Baby, Baby!

The Family Meets the Newest Davis
Evelyn Elizabeth

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Baby, baby, who's got the baby?

With Daddy (Paul)
H/T: Nina
Uncle Dominic and Aunt Theresa, Evie's Godparents!

Aunt Nina

Great Grandmom

Who will always have the magic touch...

Uncle Frater Philip, with the Blessed Mother looking on...
(Don't know what Frater is pursing his lips about...  May have been
watching soccer at about this time...)

Uncle Dominic again (Similar complexions, these two.  ;)
Now Aunt Cathy's got her.

Mommy (Nicole) and Miss June 

Uncle Frater Philip and Uncle Omar

Sweet for everyone, our Evie. But Mommy is home base.
*Going ahead and posting this one...  But, adding more Evie pictures as I find them.  Do please send me some more, family, if you've got them!

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