Thursday, November 18, 2010

Turkeys,Turkeys, Everywhere!

And not a one to eat!

A few of the turkeys hanging around our house these days:

Here's the Elvis Turkey on the Fridge (by Cathy)
This is a foot and hand turkey.  See how it's made?
These next two, I just drew the turkeys' bodies and snipped out a bunch of feathers for the little boys to glue in place.   

Gabey made this one and had me help him with some spelling for the sign
he wanted to make for it.  Can you see what it says?  "I was born on Thanksgiving.
I am a mean turkey.  My name is Bob.  Don't eat me."

Gabe's turkey gave William the idea for this turkey's sign, dictated to Mommy:

Can you believe it? Only seven crafting days until Thanksgiving!
Here are a handful of simple projects we'd like to fit in:  

Here's a print-out turkey to color, cut, and paste.
An easy origami-style turkey can be found here.
Thee cutest printout Thanksgiving pinwheel can be found here.
 I LOVE, LOVE the squirrel and acorn Thanksgiving theme shown here.
(If I can get my printer working, I'm definitely printing out little "Chippy" the squirrel for placecards)
And here's the turkey we'll be making in art class Friday at the children's school.


Joannof10 said...

I love all your turkeys!! I can't get my kids to cut out all their handprints to make one of these (and it hurts my arthritis too much to cut them for them)

We made the cutest "apple turkeys" today. You can check them out here:

MightyMom said...

you Turkey!!!