Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Three Amazing Things, November 3rd

It's time to list out some wonders!  Following is a little handful of amazing things I've noticed in our little corner of the world.   If you'd like to come along and share some amazing things from your little corner, too, you are so welcome! I'll post the category for the 3 Amazing Things for the week at the top of my sidebar over the weekend and post my list on Wednesday. If you'd like to join in, grab the button for your post, leave a note in my combox on Wednesday with the link to your Amazing post, and link back here.

The category this week for

"The Children"

 Since we have more than the average number of youngins to brag on, ;) I'll only list one amazing thing per child.  (Not like y'all don't have more than one thing each, though, kids, really...)  But, feel free to post three amazing things about each of the children you profile.  More is always better in my book!

Paul:  Published author by the time he was seven.  (USA Weekend magazine, spring 1995

Kevin:  Caught a homerun ball hit by the Rockies' Matt Holliday... with his bare hands. (Summer, 2008)

Jon:  Made 31 Thanksgiving pies (with some helpers, November, 2009)

Dominic:  Single-handedly dismantled his entire crib before the age of two -- without tools.

Michelle:  Turned the key to open Disneyland (June, 2002)

Theresa:  Was speaking in complete, perfectly enunciated sentences by the time she was two. (One memorable utterance when stuck under a chair as a wee toddler: "Get me out of this entrapment!")

Cathy:  Can do fifteen one-armed push ups. (Did 'em just now.)

Anna:  Defines tough cookie.  Got stitches for a split forehead at Girls' Camp two summers ago and didn't utter a peep through the whole ordeal.  The Sisters said they were more upset than Anna seemed to be.  

Gabriel:  Laughed out loud (not gas) in the NICU as a six-week-premature newborn.  (Is still laughing)

William:  Conquered the world before the age of two (If you don't believe it, just ask him.)



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