Sunday, November 7, 2010

Makes My Monday

One person who knows how to take bling seriously.

Anna, eight years old on Friday

And one who doesn't.

Kevin, 21 years old and not afraid to pose in a tiara

* Taken at Anna's birthday party which we celebrated in Denver on Saturday (though her actual birth day is the 12th).  Everyone joined in the festivities at Grandmom and Grandad's house except Paul and Nicole (still in Quantico,Virginia)  and Dominic and Michelle (in school in Omaha). All the aunts and uncles were present and accounted for, as well as two-thirds of the cousins.  Everyone talked a lot.  Ate too much.  Sang terrible.  Had a great time. Makes my Monday remembering it all.  I can even forget about the thousands of calories I consumed in the joy of the reminiscences.

*  But, then //insert scary-monster-movie music here// two of the last three hold-outs from last week's stomach bug soiree joined the fun Sunday morning. Making Mommy miss Mass and visiting with her Denver friends. (=sigh=) Causing furrowed brows of trepidation re: the drive back home over the mountains. 
Six hours.
 There was a lot of whining, but there were no "mishaps."
  Thank you, God.  That makes my Monday, too.

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Double the Giggles said...

Ha! What a trooper that guy is! Nothing like getting in touch with your feminine side! ..and how stinkin' adorable is Anna? Stopping by from Makes My Monday.

Anne said...

Did she get some "make-up" by chance for her birthday?

Lisa said...

&:0) Haha! Did she show up at Mass Sunday morning with lip gloss on?? ( gglggl ) I wouldn't know, as she spent the night with Nina -- and then I was home with sickies...

Lisa said...

Thank-you, "Double"! &:o) She is a cutie -- and her brother is a nut!

MightyMom said...

my oldest looking over my shoulder said, "that's the King and the Queen!!!"

The Smiths said...

I love it!! and her brother..what a trooper!

Just stopping by for Makes my Monday

Cheryl Lage said...

She looks like a greeting card! BEEEEE-JEWELED! :)

He's hysterical, and OOOOF! So glad you all are on the mend from the malaise!

Seeing that completed and your two "royals" are DEFINITELY Monday Makers...thanks for playing along!