Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Three Amazing Things

The Husband Edition

First, many thanks to Heather over at Faith, Fun, and Family for getting my butt self in high gear.  I appreciate her reminder about the Amazing Things posts -- and her idea for a topic is perfect, and appreciated, since I forgot to post one over the weekend.  Woops.  Sorry.   I've been more-than-usual absent-minded this week, as I'm still trying to fight a flu that seems to have grabbed on and won't let go. To tell you the truth, it's been amazing that the children have somehow managed to be fed, clothed, and to school on time this week. Which segways perfectly into the topic of the day...

Three things I find  amazing about my better half:

1.  Dan has never felt it was beneath him or outside his realm to participate 100% in the raising of our children or in the keeping of our home. Through all ten children he's taken his turn at diaper duty and late night floor-walking with criers.  He cheerfully pitches in to wash dishes and do other housekeeping duties that might need to be done if he's the one available to do it.  He gets a bang outof grocery shopping because he considers the challenge of finding the best deal better than big game hunting, I think.   And, I hate to admit it, but I think he may be a  better cook than I am.  (Just don't tell him I said so.)  The only thing he won't do is choose clothes for the children to wear or brush the little girls' hair.  And we're all good with that.

2.  My husband rubs my back.  Every night. 

3.  The guy is just -- unexpected.  Dan has always reminded me a little of the stories you hear told of St. Thomas Aquinas.  There is way more beneath the surface of the man than anyone would ever guess.  He's not a big talker, and tends to be somewhat slow and methodical in his ways, so if you didn't know better, you'd might think he was dull; you might not expect much.  But, like St. Thomas, he's a man well worth taking the time to know.  Smart.  Oh, my word.  He doesn't broadcast it, but he's got an edge on most anybody in the areas of politics, economics, and Catholic philosophy.  But, what's more important,  I never met anyone as nice as Dan.  He's just plain old good.  He can't help it; it's just in his bones.  I don't believe I've ever heard him badmouth another human being and his first inclination is to give others the benefit of the doubt.  Without a word of complaint, he sacrifices most everything he can give for others, from his time given to teach at the school -- to giving in to the children's choice of movies  to watch -- to giving his best pair of church pants to one of our sons because the son mentioned he needed some.   He is generous to a fault.  And more generous and forgiving with me than he probably should be.

My husband amazes me.  He humbles me.  I don't deserve this man.

(I love you, Dan.)

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The Jaracz Family said...

Sounds like you got a great catch! Especially #2. :)