Saturday, June 12, 2010


So, is Noah considered a saint? 

Can we pray for his intercession for a problem peculiar to his interests?

Here's why I ask... 

 Technically, this is high desert here on the eastern plains of Colorado; we've suffered many a year of drought when we worried about our well going dry, but this summer, like last summer, we've been deluged!  I'm talkin' break-out-the-ark-Noah deluged.  Thursday night we were hit with a storm cell that produced tornados down the road from us, egg-sized hail, and buckets and buckets of rain.  Last night we had another storm move through that lacked the tornados and hail, praise God, but let loose more rain upon us than we think we've ever seen here in such a short time.  Little rivers formed all around the property -- and disconcertingly, one ran right up next to our house.  Yikes.  This led to a drainage problem that left our cellar walls damp after the Thursday storm.  Just what we need with an inspection for our home sale on Saturday -- today! 

But, all was not lost...

Yesterday we called one of the town old-timers with a tractor to come save us.  He dug a drainage ditch to re-route the water and dumped some dirt up close to the foundation.  The girls spent yesterday afternoon smoothing that out and packing it down to drain rainfall away from the house.  Fun stuff.  They found 26 froglets in the window well near where they were digging, and between the frogs and the fresh dirt, the little boys were in seventh heaven.  Boy, did they need a bath last night, let me tell you!  But, we got everything smoothed out and ready in time for last night's big storm.  And it looks like our changes did the trick.  Mostly.

The little rivers have been diverted, but a little water is still seeping in through the window well (which is unusually large and can't be fit with a standard window-well-bubble thingy) and the cellar walls have not dried out.  The inspection is at 2:30 today.  It's still raining, though lightly, thank goodness.  But it's forecast to rain through tomorrow.

So, we're prayin'.

It's in God's hands.  He's fully aware of our petitions -- He couldn't possibly have missed it as much as we've been bugging Him and as much as we've been sending our heavenly friends to bug Him on our behalf.  And He's the one who sent the rain.  So we're content that everything will work out according to His Will.

Everything will be alright in the end.  If it's not alright, it's not the end.

If you have a minute, could you kindly send up a prayer for us -- just to keep our upward deluge of prayers going? For God's will to be done, is all we ask -- and that we know His will and are content with it.  And that our house doesn't float down the hill...

I better get busy.  The kids are all gone with Dan at their rained-out Homeschool Field Day event, and now that they're gone it's safe for me to sweep and mop the floors and clean the bathroom...



Sara said...

I love your faith! Good luck with the inspection today.

GrandmaK said...

Yep!!! Prayin'! Cathy