Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tell Me Why...

* All the rain here lately has doubled the size of  the flowers in my flower bed but quadrupled the size and number of dandelions in my lawn.

* An open bottle of  vinegar appeared on my otherwise clean counter overnight last night.
(Sleepwalking chefs maybe?)

* Orange kitties seem to always be boys.  What's with that? (This one's name is Butch)

* William's plastic dinosaurs appear to be multiplying -- but, according to him, they're all boys.
(This, he tells me, is how a T-Rex stands...)

* As soon as you think you've got everything under control,  flying monkeys show up.

* There's never a pen/pony-tail holder/fly swatter when you want one.

* Dogs smile.  Cat's don't.

 Happy-go-lucky Noe on the left... Always-grave Lizzy on the right...

* Out of hundreds of children's books in our house, we have to read the same four or five over and over a thousand times.
(I Spy, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, The 46 Little Men, The Spider and the Fly...)

* Girls naturally coordinate their outfits and boys don't.
(I didn't get a picture, unfortunately, but you should've seen the get-up my better half was wearing yesterday... )

* The long days of summer seem so short.

 Check out these two.  Aren't they wonderful?  This song is an old standard around here.  Perfect for lullabies and harmonizing.  Judging by the Guinness shirt, etc, we think we'd really like this couple...


Gardenia said...

what a lovely post. oh your little guy posing as a t-rex is adorable! and I think it is not so much that cats don't, but rather that they WON'T. :)

GrandmaK said...

The song was one of my dad's favorites and because it was I was expected to learn to play it on the piano...I did! It brings back fond memories!! Thank you! OH! Our Sam is a boy too...Wonder what color the girl cats are... Cathy

MightyMom said...

cuz all the momma dinosaurs are setting on the eggs out of sight!

I want details of that getup!

Lisa said...

2 different patterns of camouflage, black socks and brown sandles, Sarah. You just had to see it... Invisible in a forest maybe, but pretty hard to miss in the living room. Bless him.

Sarah Oldham said...

LOVE the couple singing. They harmonized perfectly!

Love the post, too! Your kids and critters are adorable!