Thursday, June 17, 2010

So, Here's the Scoop

The inspection came back without a mention of the drainage issue.
But it was full of little nickel-and-dime electrical problems.
And they wanted $3,000 to add gutters and drain spouts to the house.
And they wanted an inspection of the chimney and a liner added.

We countered that we would cover most of the electrical dings and we'd already done a chimney inspection and we'd give them $1500 for the liner we'd been told it needed, but we'd split the cost of the gutters, etc.  What they're going to find out is that this house's roof is too steep to put gutters on it.  It's been here for 100 years without gutters, too.  So, well, good luck, anyway.  We expect them to take the compromise.  The extra expense will land us right exactly at our bottom dollar.  But in this market, one can't be greedy.  We're just thankful.  WAHOO!  No more showings.

And we only had to have one.  Isn't God good?

So, anyway, we just have to wait til the buyers' property closes this weekend to be mostly sure the deal will go through.  (Mostly sure, I do say.  We won't really believe it's happened to we get the check...)

But, assuming that everything is moving smoothly enough to take the chance, we're traveling over to the Western Slope for a couple days to look for a house to rent!

Say a prayer, if you don't mind?  (St. Anthony please remember us!)


GrandmaK said...

God always has given us just the right amount. I we have too much we (I mean me) tend to spend extra on non-essentials. You are such a model of organization and frugality. That is meant as a compliment and I wish I had that skill! God bless...We're off to St. Louis for the family reunion! Cathy

MightyMom said...

Woot woot!!

Sarah Oldham said...

Awesome! God is awesome! You have my prayers.