Friday, December 11, 2009

Coming Soon...

Because we're making sure we have a place for Paul and Nicole to sleep tonight (They're stopping over to catch an early-morning flight out of DIA tomorrow to their Mexico-finally-honeymoon!).  And because my washing machine drain is frozen and my dryer inexplicably stopped working this morning.  And because the doorknob on our front door is broken and I have to stop to open it for small children and dogs wanting out every ten minutes (OK, I'm exagerating.  It's more like every fifteen minutes...)  And because I can't get to my sock drawer because of the pile of Christmas paraphernalia piled up in front of my dresser.  And because Anna wants me to teach her to sew for real -- on the sewing machine.  And because William and Gabe want to paint some Christmas cards because crayons aren't good enough for Christmas.  And because there's a bowl of cookie dough on the counter to make.  Etcetera and so forth..... You get the idea.  We've been delayed in working on our haikus.  But, we're getting on it today.  It's important to us.  We'll be working earnestly to make the midnight deadline for the contest.  Stay tuned!

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MightyMom said...

well I'm quite glad to read that you're not busy and are spending time being still with God this Advent.