Sunday, March 9, 2008

Reminder: Simply Lovely Fair This Week!

Coming THIS WEEK to this blog near you!
Please remember to send me your links and ideas for

Simply Lovely

Sacred Spaces

before Wednesday, so we can have a full fairground for the event! I'm really looking forward to wandering through everyone's booths!

For a full description of the theme, click right here.


Michele said...

I am a new blogger. I have never done a simply lovely fair. I would like to try one out though, so what do I do? I gather I just make a post on my blog, is that it?

I enjoy your blog, thanks for sharing!

God Bless

Lisa said...

Hi, Michele! Welcome and it's nice to meet you! This is my first time hosting a fair, too, so we're learning together. &:o) It's very simple, though, really. You post about the theme (Sacred Spaces this time), any time you wish, really, and send me the link to it, so I can post your link next Wednesday, the day of the fair. Just make sure you get it to me by Tuesday, if you can, so I can slip you in. I'm looking forward to your post!

Michele said...

Nice to meet you too! Thanks for the imput, I will be sending you my post soon....God Bless

GrandmaK said...

Don't forget, I get the "light switch" booth! I can hardly wait 'til Wednesday...What fun and interesting offerings you should have to offer!!! Cathy

Bia said...

Okay,, Lisa, I know I said Sunday ... but too much fun with my sister delayed things. In any case, I have posted on this topic
so here is the link:

God bless, and I can't wait to visit the booths at tomorrow's fair.

michele said...

Hi Lisa,

I posted it on my blog today. Do you just go there and get the link?

(feeling very silly as a newby)