Monday, March 3, 2008

Loveliness Fairs 2008

Footprints on the Fridge has been sponsoring a series of fairs where we can share with one another our ideas and inspirations for filling our homes and lives with simple loveliness, in the simplicity and loveliness of our Faith.

The theme I get to host here is:

Simply Lovely

Sacred Spaces

The question is:

"Where do you go in your home when you need to think, pray, reflect? How can we create Sacred Spaces in our homes arranging areas and things to reflect the presence of God? Let's use what we already have to beautify a space for prayer and reflection and then share those ideas."

The concept of the "domestic church" is one that's always been near and dear to my heart, so I jumped at the chance to provide the space for this fair. Picture it a soft spring morning here at the AWTY fairgrounds. Empty booths range around the grassy fields, banners and penants flutter in the breeze. The crowd is beginning to trickle in... Will you help me fill up the booths with your ideas?

What things have you already done to beautify your home in the spirit of the Catholic Faith? What would you like to do? How does your family honor the Holy Family, the saints, the liturgical year through little reminders in your home? Do you have a quiet spot where you can slip away to pray? Do you have special decorations you use for the holidays, most especially for Easter, since this is our iminent celebration? Do you use color or music in a special way? How do you help to make your home a visual prayer for your family? Old or new posts, all are welcome! Please share the wealth of your ideas!

Leave me a note any time this week and I'll add your link to my Simply Lovely Events Calendar. Or just leave your inspirations in the comments box! I'll be posting everything a week from Wednesday, March 12th.

I'll also be taking pictures of our "domestic church" here at the old farmhouse and posting on what those words mean to us. I'm so looking forward to wandering through the booths with you!


GrandmaK said...

May I volunteer for the "Light Switch" booth? For as it is in our house, each room has a small crucifix over the light switch. That way each time you enter or leave the room and must turn on or off the light you see the "Cross of our Salvation." So with each light switch sold, a crucifix would also be added. (This is a great topic and the visuals are grand!!! Thank you for allowing me to participate!) Cathy

bfarmmom said...

I will volunteer for the food booth! My "sacred space" is in my kitchen! Thank you for doing hosting!

j.a.varela said...

Please, delete if you have already received it.

Dear family:

I´m coming from mum2twelve.

I also have a family blog called “Las aventuras de una familia numerosa” << >>. You are kindly invited to visit us and your comments will be highly appreciated.

I know Spanish-English may be a difficulty, but any way I would like to link your blog to << >>
In this blog, we have a section called “Familia en la blog├│sfera” (Family in the net) where you will feel very at ease.

Please, let me know if you don’t agree and we’ll remove it immediately.

Fell free to post your comments in English in this blog too.


Juan. A. Varela

PS: The N Rockwell picture going and coming, tells me that we have samething in comon.

Lisa said...

Cathy ~ I love this idea! If you don't mind, I'll lift this out and post it next week at the fair. &:o)

bfarmmom ~ Thank-you! We'll have your booth up and running next Wednesday!

Mr. Varela ~ Thank-you, and I'm honored! I have to tell you, the last time we visited, we put your blog through a translator and it came out hilariously mis-worded, but I'm told we just need to try a different site. We'll be by to visit again soon!

GrandmaK said...

Lift away!! Cathy

j.a.varela said...

Thanks for your answer Lisa.

As you have seen, “Las aventuras de una familia numerosa” is our own family blog . “Un colegio inolvidable” is about my souvenirs of a single sex boy’s school, where I was the head master for 15 years. And “Familia en construcci├│n”, is a blog from Fr. Joan Carreras –Barcelona, Spain- where I write as a contributor.

In the last one, there is a section called “Family traditions”. Perhaps you dare write some of yours. In English, of course. I’ll be delighted to publish them.

Hoping to hear from you soon,


Bia said...

Lisa, I'd like to participate on this! Our sacred space is our kitchen table, but I am in the process of creating another space that I'd like to share. Also, I'd like to expand/reflect on bringing together sacred spaces and the concept of the "domestic church".

God bless.

Bia said...

Lisa, since I am going out of town this weekend, would it be too late to post something on this topic Sunday night?

Lisa said...

Bia ~ Sure, it'd work fine if you post Sunday. I'll be posting the fair next Wednesday linking back to any posts anyone wants to give me, new or old. So, it'll maybe be a couple days "old" when it goes up on Wednesday, but the hope is that it'll lead readers there who will not have seen it. &:o) (If you have any old posts that work in the theme, you can send me more than one link!)

j.a.varela said...

I hope the new translator in "las aventuras de una familia numerosa"
works better.


Barbara said...

Lisa: We have a prayer corner in our family room, but the two posts I have to offer right now are about decorating. One is ideas for Lent, and the other a project for using liturgical colors on the kitchen table. If these fit with your theme, the links are and I'll edit them to mention the loveliness fair if you decide to use them. God bless.