Saturday, March 8, 2008

Blog Friends Bouquet

Cathy at a Bit of Blarney, who is such a sweet and supportive blog friend sent over this beautiful bouquet and the kindest wishes! Thank-you, so much, Cathy! I'm sending this bunch of flowers, express delivery, right back over to you ~ and to:

Suzy at Sailing by Starlight (though she's on hiatus now for Lent)
Kaila at Ego me habeno
Raulito at Disciple of the Dumb Ox (though he's also on hiatus for Lent, and he has to give the flowers to Mrs. Raulito)
Maryan at A Lee in the Woudes

And, since I know many of you have probably already gotten this award because you really are such good and thoughtful bloggers, and because I'm selfish enough to want my award to stand out from the crowd, I'm sending along some of this:
A Box of Virtual Chocolate
No calories or fat, and it breaks no Lenten fast or sacrifice!

And this
little fellow
is the delivery boy!

(Only eight more days, 'til St. Patrick's Day!)

Go mbeannaí Dia thú!

(You'll have to ask him if he or his buddies want to help with your deliveries, dear friends. Bribes might be in order. My little guy is partial to Guiness and Philly pretzels)


Anonymous said...

great post..

Laura said...

Flowers for MOI?
Candy for Moi?
Little green man at my doorstep to greet MOI?

My goodness what a great way to wake up!!
Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness.

Soutenus said...

Thank you so much! I smiled EVEN BIGGER when I got to the end of your post and saw the link to the pretzel info and the Philly pretzels!
(I am originally from just north of Philly) I LOVED those pretzels.
Blessings to ya!


Joannof10 said...

Thank you for my surprises today! It certainly made me smile in the middle of a week of sickness.

Kaila said...

Thank you! What a wonderful suprise! I'll be sure to pass this along. God bless!

Marie said...

Ah, chocolates too..Yummm..*munch munch* mmm *wipes mouth* lol.

Thank YOU Lisa for your kindness:).

Peace & love to you:) *crunch*

Marie lol

Bia said...

Wow! Flowers, and chocolate, AND the cutest little delivery boy I have ever seen!

Mille grazie!

Maryan said...

Thanks Lisa!! With all our sicknesses, I needed some flowers and chocolate!! Especially chocolate. ;)