Thursday, February 14, 2008


Yeah, I know I said I wouldn't be back til next week... But, I wanted y'all to know how well William came through his dental ordeal yesterday. The folks at the dentist said to expect his gums to bleed , diminishing through the day after the teeth were pulled at around 2, that he would probably not be interesting in eating anything but the softest foods, and that we could dose him with Tylenol for pain.

Well, he was mad as a wet hen throughout the procedure (Picture Jack Jack at the end of the Incredibles), but once he got over his mad, he was almost immediately back to his old self. Laughing and playing and wanting "crackas" every ten minutes. You seriously wouldn't have known that he'd had anything unusual happen yesterday. The bleeding even stopped almost immediately. Amazing! We attribute this to all the prayers on his behalf.



Kathryn said...

oh my goodness, what a sweetie! I'm so glad the procedure went well, and I love how he says "crakas" too cute!

Joannof10 said...

He is sooo cute!! I am glad he is doing so well!

Bia said...

Oh, I'm glad everything went well. A definite praise-worthy moment. (And he is just cute as a button!)

My father had to undergo a cardiac catheterization this morning...but again, praise God everything went well.

God bless, and Happy Valentine's Day!

Theresa said...

He is being really good.,&80)

Marie said...

Awe he is one very brave little boy.

I remember when I went to the dentist and as he was getting the needle ready(which looked TEN feet long!) I jumped out of the chair and RAN for my life....LOL!

How old was I...ER...Ummm...30 Years old! Hahahahhaa!! LOL!

In fun,

Marie lol

Goodwyf Allie said...

My little Thaddeus had his 4 front teeth removed about a year ago. He carried the teeth around in a plastic container for a while. . ."Here's my teef!" he'd tell anyone!