Thursday, February 14, 2008


So, Ok, I'm back. I just can't stay away from this computer... But, I'm just popping in for a minute to download pictures of our day. We're off to Nebraska tomorrow. The weather looks good and there are no mountains to climb, so we're hopeful for clear skies and smooth sailing.
Blessings to everyone! Have a great weekend!
The children made little hearts to put at the feet of our statue of the Blessed Mother,
telling her: Because I love you, I will... and then filling in their little charitable offerings.
It's our tradition that the men of the family prepare a feast for the ladies on St. Valentine's Day. This year, my wonderful husband was alone on the task. But, he's a great chef and did fine without his assistant chefs. Oh, let me tell you, he did just fine!

He made salmon eggs benedict! Oh, my goodness, was it good!

A shot of the candy tins from their aunt (to be eaten on Sunday, as they all gave up sweets for Lent) and all the cards and paper toys the children made. When Michelle was tiny, her Daddy started the tradition of getting all the girls Valentine's cards on St. Valentine's Day. We all got him some, too.

Two of our Valentines...

Two more Valentines....Here are some more...
(My sister, the children's Auntie Nina, got to be with us!)
And here are Mickey and Minni having a look at my Miraculous Medal,
dangling from the new gold chain my wonderful husband got me
for St. Valentine's Day...
It was a good day!


Maria said...

Wow, that salmon looks super yummy! Your so lucky to be the one to eat it!

Marie said...

That pic of the little boys is so cute! Having the men cook is a great idea. I tried that once and he made me clean up though, which kind of ruins the good feeling. After all, I never make him clean up when I cook, which is every night! We went to the Olive Garden for V-Day. Would have been more fun if I could have had some vino!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time..

Michelle said...

What a lovely tradition of having the gentlemen serve the ladies. I'll share this with my husband so if he's in agreement we can add it to our tradition. Thanks for sharing!

Marie said...

What a beautiful statue of Our Lady:) WOW! I have one of Jesus of the Sacred Heart the same size...I gave the Statue of Our Lady to my sister who SOLD it!!!! I still cant believe she did that! Waaa.

And the eggs YUM!

Peace to you:)


Kaila said...

I love your statue of the Blessed Mother!

Laura said...

Another great idea from your blog. I just love the devotion to Mary for Valentines Day. Goodness knows our school is filled with Blessed Mother statues everywhere; I look forward to donning her with hearts and flowers next year on Valentines Day. This will be so much fun for my 6th grade homeroom. Thanks to your inspiration.